What Mary Thinks: GOT7

Thank God I have this blog to vent my feelings and spazz. I can't contain all my feels I'm feeling right now so what's a better way than to express it all through here?! This is exactly why I created a blog. Lol. So we all know that JYP is going to debut their new [...]


Turn It Up Tuesday: I Need Somebody – Ra.D and Brother Su

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wx9HaZ1jpXM So in my last post, I hinted to you guys about how I will be doing something different for every day of the week (or something around those lines) so since it's Tuesday today, I decided that I'll be doing this thing called Turn It Up Tuesday where every Tuesday, I'll recommend a song [...]

I’m finally back!

I apologize for the short unplanned hiatus the past two days.I recently got into some trouble [by my parents] and unfortunately got punished. But now I am free which means updates to look forward to! YAY!While I was crying over having no internet, I was thinking of different things I could do each day for [...]