I’m finally back!

I apologize for the short unplanned hiatus the past two days.

I recently got into some trouble [by my parents] and unfortunately got punished. But now I am free which means updates to look forward to! YAY!

While I was crying over having no internet, I was thinking of different things I could do each day for the week and while yesterday was a good day to implement what I had planned to do on Mondays, I couldn’t so I guess I’m gonna have to start it today. I know this might sound confusing right now, but you’ll understand in my later posts.

I’m just glad to be back, because I really missed this blog. And once again, I apologize for the lack of updates and news. Hopefully I’ll be a kind and obedient daughter to my parents from now on (like I should be anyways) so that I can always do my best for this blog.


[and I got my first follower! OH YEAH! Thanks to rarapop for following my blog. You’re awesome, if you didn’t know that already].

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