Turn It Up Tuesday: I Need Somebody – Ra.D and Brother Su

So in my last post, I hinted to you guys about how I will be doing something different for every day of the week (or something around those lines) so since it’s Tuesday today, I decided that I’ll be doing this thing called Turn It Up Tuesday where every Tuesday, I’ll recommend a song that I feel is usually underrated or needs more love and listens from everyone. So I hope you guys can give my recommendations a listen at least and if you want, comment below on how you feel about it! 😀

For the first post of Turn It Up Tuesday, I decided to post about a collaboration between soloists Ra.D and Brother Su. Although I might not know much about the two artists individually, I have heard of the two artists before. Ra.D sang popular song ‘I’m in Love’ that Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha did a remake of. As for Brother Su, it’s a pretty funny story because I had no clue as to who he was until one day while I was listening to the music on my phone, I came across his song ‘It Was You’ and was going to delete it off of my playlist but then I realized that it was kind of cute so I kept it on my phone and have been listening to it ever since. ‘I Need Somebody’ is such a great song with amazing vocals by Ra.D and smooth rapping by Brother Su. I also love this song so much because I can actually relate to it, which says a lot about the song and me. For those of you who haven’t heard the song (you’re  seriously missing out), take a listen here and comment below on how you feel about the song!^^

Source: ken hua @ youtube

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