What Mary Thinks: My Hopes and Wishes for 2014

The new year has started which means a new round of comebacks and Korean dramas! As I have expressed in my earlier post about what I felt about 2013’s music and dramas, I hope that 2014 will be a much better year. But what do I specifically hope to see and what do I do wish for in 2014? Keep on reading to find out!

My number one wish on my list would be more Korean promotions for my BEAST that aren’t half-assed. Beast’s comeback last year ‘Shadow’ was half-assed obviously, especially when Cube kept on making my bias group travel and back and forth to Japan to hold different concerts and there were almost no variety appearances for my boys. After a whole year of hiatus and waiting, you would think that Cube would be generous to K-B2UTIES and give them a bit more, but nope – Cube continues to send Beast to Japan. I honestly wouldn’t have a problem with Cube continually sending my boys to Japan IF they were successful there, but let’s be honest, they are not doing so good there. I think if they were to build their status and position in South Korea to be one of the top boy groups, then maybe they would do better in Japan and other countries as they would have the talent and recognition. But of course, all of this is only possible if Cube learns from their past mistakes. (Maybe one of these days I’ll write another ‘What Mary Thinks’ about this issue with Cube).

I hope for better music and comebacks not only from my bias groups, but from everyone in general. I really enjoyed SISTAR19’s ‘Gone Not Around Any Longer’, Henry’s ‘Trap’, EXO’s ‘Growl’, Hyorin’s ‘Love and Hate’, and Block B’s ‘Be the Light’ but I think a lot of groups could have done better, especially compared to their past comebacks. I hope to see more co-ed subunits this year and if possible, another co-ed group! That would be daebak!

Another thing I hope to see this year is for the debut of my Team B from WIN: Who Is Next. Yes I know, Winner / Team A won the show so they are supposed to debut first but after they debut, hopefully within the same year, we get the debut of my Team B. I personally think YG should have debuted both groups because Team A and Team B = more $$$ whereas if he debuted just Team A, it would only be half the money he could have gained if he debuted both teams. I just really miss Team B and I wanna see them again, somehow, some way. Plz.


In terms of Korean dramas, I wanna see Kim Woo Bin play the male lead where he gets the girl. The same goes to Yoo Yun Seok. Kim Woo Bin has everything to succeed; he has the looks, the skills, the charisma. It’s all there – Kim Woo Bin is the full package. But the only thing that’s missing is for him to play the male lead (hopefully not a chaebol or son of a chaebol again) and get the girl in the end. Yoo Yun Seok was the best thing that happened in Reply 1994 (TEAM CHILBONG!) and I heard that he’s signed onto 3 different movies (Yippee!) so he’s definitely getting the recognition and acknowledgement that he deserves. In general, I just wish to see Korean dramas in 2014 that doesn’t drag (but we all know that’s impossible), has a refreshing plotline (please, no time-traveling, ghosts, or high school love not done right), and does not have a who’s-the-husband mystery plot for twenty episodes only to find out who’s the husband in the last episode (that is so damn annoying!). If we get dramas that is well-paced, interesting, and brings forth something new each episode (like Prime Minister and I or Man From Another Star) which is totally not impossible btw or maybe it is, then 2014 would be a great year in terms of dramas. I have to be honest, I’m really picky when it comes to watching my dramas. There are some actors / actresses that I’m allergic to or don’t care about enough to watch the drama and some plots not interesting enough to catch my attention, but I hope all my favorite actors and actresses do some good dramas this year. OH! And I would really like my beautiful Park Bo Young to act in a drama. She’s been doing movies these past few years and I’m sad because I wanna see her in dramas, not only movies. I also hope to see a comeback project from Park Eun Bin, Nam Bora, and Park Ha Sun soon.


So I think that’s about it regarding what I hope to see in 2014. It’s not much, I hope they can all be achieved this year (:

What are your wishes for 2014? What do you hope to see happen within this year?

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