Feel Good Friday: Weekly Idol – B.A.P. Edition

It’s Friday everyone which means that every Friday here on K-Popcorn, I’ll be posting a clip / video from a variety show, artist or group, Korean drama, or anything I find hilarious and entertaining to celebrate the last day of the week so that your weekend can be absolutely amazing~

For the first Feel Good Friday, I decided to go with a clip of B.A.P.’s Random Play Dance from MBC’s Weekly Idol. If you aren’t familiar with Weekly Idol, the show invites idols (hence Weekly IDOL) and one segment of the show requires these idols to dance to their own song that is played…wait for it, randomly! (crazy! I know right?!)

I was trying to find something to post for today’s Feel Good Friday and just when I was struggling, landed upon this video of B.A.P.’s Random Play Dance where they danced to ‘Bad Man.’ I could not stop laughing and I slept that night with a sore stomach from all the laughing while rolling on the floor I did. I hope that this clip will also make you sob and cry like how I did. I think this Random Play Dance might just be my favorite Random Play Dance ever from a group. I just love how Jongup continued to dance continually without stopping or complaining unlike the other members – and what makes it even more hilarious is that he stares into the camera while smiling. That dork.

But yes, so for today’s Feel Good Friday, I chose B.A.P.’s Random Play Dance on Weekly Idol. Look forward to next week for more clips that will make you feel gooooddd.

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