I’m a bit emotional tonight.

Sooooo if you guys have been following my blog, you guys know that I’m anticipating GOT7’s debut. Just yesterday I went back to go re-watch WIN:Who Is Next’s episode four since that was the episode that GOT7 and 5Live appeared in. And while I was squealing and spazzing over the GOT7 boys, seeing my Team B perform and watch the other performances made me really, really sad.

Thinking about it now, it has to do with the fact that Team B are the only ones that don’t have a set debut date at this point. Winner, GOT7, and 5Live are all going to debut this year, and even though it’s been rumored that Team B is going to debut this year, we know that YG never follows through with his words. That’s what I’m the most concerned about.

I missed Team B so much I couldn’t even watch the rest of this episode without wanting to cry, lol. Yes, I’m a fangirl after all who let herself get emotionally attached to these boys so I’m acting a bit strange and weird right now, but I have never wanted something so much before. To see my Team B perform on stage again and debut – that’s what I really want. There’s no one who loves Team B as much as I do.

I initially watched the forth episode for GOT7 and yes, I did spazz over all the members (especially my Mark), but then reality hit me when I was reminded of my Team B so I stopped because I didn’t want to cry. It’s such a sad and devastating reality.

Okay, this is my little confession tonight as I didn’t want to keep this inside of me, so I hope you guys don’t judge me (I am a fangirl after all) and ignore this post if you find it weird.

Thank you! 😀

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