Throw Back Thursday: Shinhwa’s ‘Brand New’

I’m planning to do different segments for every day of the week (ex: on Tuesday I did Turn It Up Tuesday) so for Thursday, I decided to do ‘Throw Back Thursday’ where every Thursday, I’ll post up a song, music video, or clip of an artist / group or even Korean drama that aired waayyy back then when I first got into K-Pop. Going back to re-watch these clips and MVs reminds me of the good old times and the reasons as to why I fell in love with K-Pop the first time and ultimately chose to stay.

For the first ‘Throw Back Thursday’, it was a very difficult decision to make just because there were so many wonderful choices to choose from (I literally have like a whole list of things to choose from) but I decided to go with Shinhwa’s ‘Brand New’ as my first post because I believe this was the music video that started it all. I re-watched the music video a few days back to freshen my memory and gahh, this song is still good to this day! Shinhwa used to be my favorite group back then and although they aren’t anymore, there’s no doubt that they are talented and amazing. I love how they are still a group to this very day, serving as role models to other idol groups who hope to last just as long as Shinhwa. Although circumstances and situations have changed, Shinhwa is still the same group that they were back then – witty and hilarious.

The reason as to why I chose ‘Brand New’ out of all their other songs is because this was the only song I listened to them back then but even then, this song was like my jam! In the MV, they have the back-up dancers all up on them and it makes me laugh thinking about how if a big group like EXO or SHINee was to have back-up dancers feel them all over like how the back-up dancers in ‘Brand New’ did to Shinhwa, no doubt there would be a shitstorm and everyone would be going crazy. And that’s why earlier I mentioned that circumstances and situations have changed because no way in hell can there be back-up dancers dancing up on our oppars in the music industry to this day right?!

Anyways, so I hope you enjoy this first post of ‘Throw Back Thursday’ and look forward to next Thursday because there will definitely be better things coming your way! 😀

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