Twenty Years Old: Ep 1 Recap

So a few days ago I wrote about how I was going to do recaps on Korean dramas ‘Let’s Eat’ and ‘Twenty Years Old’ mainly because my biases Doojoon and Ki Kwang are the male leads in those dramas, but also because I find both dramas so warm and in need of more love.

I know I had only been recapping ‘Let’s Eat’ the past couple of days (because it has more episodes) so I thought that I would start recapping the first episode of ‘Twenty Years Old’ today. ‘Twenty Years Old’ are only twenty minutes long, but for some reason it takes me a fairly long time to recap them. And because I’m busy recapping both dramas, I’m afraid I might not be able to catch up recapping on all the episodes out so far for ‘Let’s Eat’ and ‘Twenty Years Old’ since school is starting next week so I might quit recapping ‘Twenty Years Old’ since the length of the episodes are shorter and there are a shorter amount of episodes. I also noticed that while recapping the first episode, it got difficult to recap it just because there are so many time jumps and it’s hard to explain what happened in consequential order, but I tried my best in this recap.

I ultimately did a recap for the first episode to test how much time I would take and if the drama would be worthy enough of me recapping it, but then I’m thinking of stopping. Please understand^^


Here are a few background details about the drama:

Plot: [credits to DramaWiki]

Two twenty year olds, Kim Hye Rim and Lee Ki Kwang, who attended the same middle school, meet again coincidentally after many years as a college student and an idol group member. Lee Ki Kwang is a member of popular idol group who falls in love with Kim Hye Rim, his old friend from same middle school who has never dated before, as the two try to keep their love a secret from the rest of the world.

Lee Ki Kwang of BEAST as Lee Ki Kwang
Lee Da In as Kim Hye Rim
Kim Hye Ji, Kang Tae Oh, Kim Dong Suk


We start the drama out with our female lead waking up and getting ready for a special event that is going to happen on the same day. She states that she’s going to ‘absolutely change for the better’ so she applies on mascara since it’s the best indication that someone wants to show a drastic change. However, she messes up when putting on mascara and ends up looking like this:


(yes, a panda).

It turns out that our female lead had never used mascara before, so at the age of twenty, this was her first time applying on make-up. Haha.


After the quick introduction, our female lead is seen walking on the sidewalk in her red high heels and cute outfit while flipping her hair confidently until she almost sprains her ankle and stops to prevent herself from getting an injury. She watches as people rush past her to get a spot on the crowded bus where she then hurries as well to get on board.


She gets to her destination which is a club / bar to meet up with her friends. We find out that her name is Hye Rim (Lee Da In) as her friends call out her name so that she can join them. When she joins her friends, they get excited over the alcohol that is being mixed while Hye Rim seems to be busy waiting and looking for someone else.


After her friends finish mixing all the different types of alcohol together, Hye Rim’s Sunbae, Jin Sung, reminds everyone that the first shot is usually a one-shot. However, just before they’re about to down the alcohol, he gets mad at Hye Rim when she looks nauseated while staring at the drink, but she eventually listens to her Sunbae’s demand while thinking to herself, “That Jin Sung bastard, always full of alcohol.” Hahaha.


Hye Rim doesn’t seem to enjoy the alcohol too much (who would?) and laments afterwards to herself how even at the age of twenty years old, she continues to hang out with her friends without bringing with her a partner.

Her face expression brightens though when she hears the name of her crush exit one of her friend’s mouth.


It’s Kim Tae Woo, the man that Hye Rim has a one-sided crush on.


(ooh, he’s kind of cute).

Hye Rim cannot keep her eyes off of him while he walks over to join her and her friends. But then everything is ruined when she lands herself in the bathroom of her house to puke.

It’s 30 hours before the day that Hye Rim met up with her friends and she has just finished puking in the bathroom of the house that she shares with her best friend Ga Young because she drank too much the night before. Even though she’s scolded by Ga Young for drinking too much, all Hye Rim can think about is how she was able to gaze at the stars with her crush Tae Woo and that all the drinking was worth it…or maybe not, because Hye Rim isn’t even able to finish her sentence before running back into the bathroom to puke again.

In the next scene, Hye Rim is talking to Ga Young about her one-sided crush for Tae Woo and is scared that other girls might snatch him away. But she admits that she can’t confess so she’s clueless as to what to do next. Ga Young advises that Hye Rim be careful with how she plans to confess (if she ever does) because she might lose him once and for all and says that the first step is to make him interested…which is why the episode started out with Hye Rim trying to apply on mascara…because she wanted to impress her crush.

We return back to the club where Hye Rim struggles to put on her heels while Tae Woo is walking over to join her. But she fits her feet into the heels right before he sits down next to Hye Rim and acknowledges her presence.


Since he was late, Jin Sung punishes Tae Woo by stating that he has to drink three cups of beer, but Tae Woo asks for them to be nice on him since the night before he was also wasted. Jin Sung, who is already pretty drunk at this point, goes off explaining the story of drunk Tae Woo but then our Hye Rim can’t hear anything Jin Sung is saying…because it turns out that Tae Woo had covered her ears to prevent her from hearing the story.


Tae Woo is embarrassed while Hye Rim can only concentrate on how he has his hands over her ears.

Hye Rim reflects back on the moment when Tae Woo covered her ears with his hands in the bathroom and complains about how it’s so cheesy and lame but then a few seconds later happily states that she likes those kind of lame and cheesy things. LOL.


She thinks that maybe he’s finally shown some interest in her since she changed herself (putting on the mascara).

She goes back out to the table only to find Tae Woo drinking with another woman. Broken-hearted, she brushes away the idea that he was interested in her and becomes disappointed when he walks away while checking his phone.

But it turns out to be Hye Rim that Tae Woo texted as he asks if they wanted to go out together in which she happily exclaims that she liked the idea. Ten minutes later, they meet out in the front and go on a walk together. Hye Rim believes that her romance with him has started so she grows excited at the thought of getting to spend time with him.


While walking together, Hye Rim trips and is close to falling but then gets rescued by Tae Woo where she then goes off on a little daydream of her and Tae Woo dancing with each other.


Since Hye Rim’s feet is hurting, Tae Woo Sunbae suggests that they rest so he brings her to a motel (uh oh..). Hye Rim is hesitant once she’s inside of the motel, but Tae Woo tries to encourage her to rent a room with him.


She tells Tae Woo that she has to go, but he tries to prevent her from leaving. His tactic doesn’t work though because she pushes him away after he places his arm around her shoulders and runs out of the motel in the rain and in her high heels (damn girl!).


She grows sad when she thinks about what Tae Woo was trying to do with her and reflects upon the feelings she had for him.

“I just wanted him to notice me. I only hoped for him to be attracted to me.”

She says all of this while memories of her spending time with Tae Woo in the past resurfaces in her mind. Hye Rim eventually breaks down while getting soaked in the rain because her romance at twenty years old had ended just like that.

Hye Rim spends her recovery period watching T.V. shows and laughing her butt off which her roommate Ga Young thinks is strange since she spent three days straight crying. Hye Rim seems to have changed since that day where she was crying over Tae Woo as she hasn’t taken a shower in days and even eats food that has fallen on the floor.

The next scene transitions to fans gathering inside this venue for a BEAST concert [OH YEESSSS BABY. MY BOYYSSS. These BEAST clips were the reasons as to why I watched this drama, lolol]. Hye Rim is dragged by Ga Young to attend the BEAST concert although she isn’t a big fan of the amazing and talented boy group whereas Ga Young is a big fan, especially of Ki Kwang who is her bias. Hye Rim doesn’t seem to like the idea of being at a BEAST concert too much although Ga Young attacks back by saying that she should be happy enough she got to go to the same middle school as her wonderful bias Ki Kwang. But Hye Rim had never predicted that Ki Kwang would get this popular, that’s why she never really interacted with him back then.


(During the concert, the camera mainly focuses on Ki Kwang and Hye Rim’s reaction to the performances. She tends to focus on Ki Kwang in particular. Haha).

When the concert is finished, Ga Young and Hye Rim wait outside of the venue along with a bunch of other fan girls for the BEAST members to come out. Ki Kwang is the only member to come out to interact with the fans so everyone goes running towards him. While Ga Young runs over to Ki Kwang, she kicks Hye Rim’s sandals so every time Hye Rim tries to get her sandal back, all the other fan girls running towards him also kick the sandal. This continues to happen until the sandal arrives in front of someone…and that someone is none other than Ki Kwang who is now standing in front of Hye Rim’s sandal that she was desperately trying to get back.


While Ki Kwang is holding her sandal and studying her face, Hye Rim is still kneeling on the ground so to break the awkward silence, she asks him if he happens to still remember her from middle school.

We then are given a flashback of Ki Kwang and Hye Rim back in middle school, riding the bus and listening to music together. He glances at her and receives a glance back from Hye Rim so he leans in to give her a gentle kiss.


It turns out that Hye Rim’s first kiss was Ki Kwang. (lucky you).

We return to the present scene where Hye Rim is kneeling in front of Ki Kwang. He answers her question as to whether he remembers her and states, “Of course. How could I ever forget?…Kim Hye Rim.” She once again goes off daydreaming about her and Ki Kwang, but is interrupted by Ki Kwang’s manager who yells for Ki Kwang to get inside the van so they can leave.

Hye Rim rides the bus to get home and while on the bus, she tells herself to get her senses together so that she doesn’t fall for him so easily.

Our Ki Kwangie finally gets some screen time as he tells his Hyung while in the van that the thing he hates the most in the world is the number one. In a scene a few minutes before he’s in the van, he also happened to send Hye Rim a text message so while in the van, he smiles as he checks his text messages.

When Hye Rim exits out of the bus, she checks her phone only to receive a text message from Ki Kwang saying, “It’s been a while Kim Hye Rim.”

My Thoughts:

Twenty Years Old was surprisingly really cute and light-hearted which I really like. At first I was a bit cold towards our female lead (Lee Da In is a new actress so I was pretty judgmental I’m not gonna lie, especially since she was acting with Ki Kwang) but after a while, you start to grow neutral towards her. She’s not the best actress but there are many more actresses that are worse at acting than her. The plot isn’t anything too different and unique. The fact that Hye Rim didn’t like Ki Kwang at first but starts to fall in love with after reuniting with him is actually pretty typical and mundane but it’s the way that everything is executed that is so enjoyable.

The drama kind of reminds me of how a fanfic in some way. After finishing all the episodes, I realize that it’s a lot like a fanfic that fans write, lol. It’s cute and very fluffy. and there are many kisses by the way.

Like I mentioned earlier in my post, I’m not too sure if I want to recap this drama anymore. I know it’s dumb that I might stop after recapping the first episode and that I should recap the rest since I had already started, but it’s too time-consuming. School starts next week and I also have to catch up on recapping the next few episodes of ‘Let’s Eat.’ If I happen to receive a good response for the recaps for this drama, I might continue, but for right now, I’m thinking of stopping. Sorry everybody. But I hoped you enjoyed this first episode recap? Haha.

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