What Mary Thinks: GOT7’s Debut Teaser Videos

It’s here everybody. The debut teaser from JYP’s new boy group that we have all been waiting for. JYP released a debut teaser video of GOT7 where they are simply just going around school minding their own business, but damn – they are all so so good-looking. Especially when Jackson showed up, I almost spit the water I had in my mouth out.


I was feeling the beat, the music in the background – yeah, it sounded good. Mark looked adorbs as usual. Not so sure about how I feel about the uniforms, but the boys look good in them anyways so it doesn’t matter. I’m not really feeling Bam Bam’s hair, it looked better in the teaser photos, lol. I also don’t really like JR’s hair; he has such a beautiful face that hair doesn’t do him any justice. Youngjae looks so cute! Yugyeom is cute too. (It’s crazy how I have already memorized all of their names. This is the fastest I’ve ever memorized all the members of a group’s names. Lol, impressive Mary~). But I honestly do like what I’m hearing so far so I can’t wait for GOT7’s debut! It’s almost – almost here. Just gotta wait a few more days. EEEEEEKKKK :3


Mnet Countdown also teased fans with a preview of GOT7’s debut next week. Mark be flipping around like usual (the most impressive out of all seven members if you ask me but then again that might just be me being biased), Jackson looking good, everyone else is showing off their skills and dancing capabilities which looks really professional and advanced to me so far.

I was discussing GOT7 with my younger sister and while we agreed that Bam Bam is adorable (and a future bias wrecker) and Mark is really cute, we also agreed on how we hope that there are members in this group that has the personality. GOT7 is already really good at dancing, I’m thinking that singing and rapping won’t be a hard thing for them to do. But I just really hope a few of the members are good at variety. JYP’s groups always have at least one member that is entertaining and hilarious – in 2PM, it’s Woo Young, in 2AM it’s Jo Kwon, and in Miss A it’s Min. I hope there’s one member who’ll go out of his comfort zone and really bring that smile on our face because of their bright personality.

Anyways, what is your opinion or thought so far based on these video teasers? Do you like them? Hate them? Are you just as excited about them as I am? Comment down below on your thoughts! 😀

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