Oh, you make me feel brand new~

So other than the fact that today was the first day of school again after a three week vacation (and my school schedule that is very very messed up and confusing), Brand New Music released the music video to a new song called ‘You Make Me Feel Brand New’ featuring Verbal Jint, Swings, Phantom, Bumkey, San E, and Kanto. OOOOO MMMMM GGGGG. So you’re going to basically pair up most of my favorite Korean Hip-pop rappers and singers and put them together in a song just so that I can faint and die after I finish spazzing?! Brand New Music, what do you think you are doing?! that is absolutely a no-no!

Okay so anyways, I love love love most of the artists that are featured in this song. I have been a fan of Verbal Jint for the longest time now (he’s amazing~). Despite the controversy he’s been in, I still love Swings and I really like his rapping. SWWWINNGGSSSS <3. I also really like Phantom who have really amazing songs. I’ve heard of Kanto, but I’m not too interested in him (yet). I’ve heard Bumkey feature in a few songs before (ex: Infinite H’s ‘Special Girl’) and I really like his voice just like how I think Phantom’s Sanchez’s voice is super sexy. Then last but not least is San E who we all know left JYP and transferred to Brand New Music and became successful almost immediately. I’m not a huge fan of San E’s rapping, but there’s no doubt he’s a great rapper~

Although only a few people from Brand New Music, the company, collaborates in this song, the music video showcases clips of most of their artists & groups. I’ve always felt like Brand New Music is so underrated when it comes to companies in South Korea because they are honestly one of the better companies that know how to promote and manage their artists and groups. Not only do they give each artist and group great and amazing hip-pop songs, but they are always continually making comebacks month after month after month, which is rare to see nowadays in the music industry (or at least in the idol music industry at least). I think Brand New Music might be more biased towards a few artists and groups than others, but they know how to manage their artists and groups so that they aren’t at least forgotten. I always find myself enjoying songs from their artists and groups, like San E’s ‘Break-up Dinner’ which is a very good song by the way and I remember around this time of the year last year in 2013, Verbal Jint released a song called ‘Good Start’ and I’m still listening to that song to this very day because it’s just so poignant and great. I think it’ll be hard for Brand New Music to be acknowledged for the great job that they do just because they’re a company that endorses and manages hip-pop artists and not as many people are into hip-pop music (plus the artists and groups aren’t given the usual promotions like performing on music shows, appearing on variety programs, etc which leaves them at a disadvantage because many people tune into those) so it’ll take a long time before someone agrees with me and believes that Brand New Music knows what they’re doing with their artists and groups. But I still hope to see the day that they are acknowledged, both the company and the artists and groups from Brand New Music because the company is thisclose to perfection. Thisclose.

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