Turn It Up Tuesday: Geeks

It’s Tuesday which means you know what that means?! Yes everyone, it’s another Turn It Up Tuesday so for today’s recommendation, I have not one, not two, but three tracks that I will be introducing to you guys today, and it’s all from the same group! If you guys don’t know who Geeks is, I feel sorry for you. But you are seriously missing out. Don’t be living your life under a rock anymore and start listening to them. Seriously!

Geeks are best known for their own rendition of the popular ‘Officially Missing You’ and although their rendition is nice to listen to, their first full length album ‘Backpack’ that was released in April of last year was what converted me from a casual listener to a big time fan. Of course, there were some tracks on there that I liked better than others and so here are my favorite tracks from their first album (but you should listen to all the tracks on ‘Backpack’).

I’m assuming everyone pretty much already knows about ‘Wash Away’, the title track to Geeks’s first album ‘Backpack’ since it featured talented soloist Ailee. So I’m going to brush that track aside and focus on the 3 other album tracks that I find myself listening to repeatedly. The first track is ‘Lights On’ (see video above) and although I do not know what Geeks is talking about in the song, I do know that I am absolutely infatuated with the violin that starts playing twelve seconds into the song. There’s just something about the instrumental that sounds melancholy and sad, but at the same time encouraging and motivational. Ugh, that song is just screaming perfection in every single way possible. So you should definitely listen to that song if you haven’t yet.

After ‘Lights On’ is ‘It’s Raining / 비가오네’ and upon the first listen, this song can be quite dull but the female vocalist, Park Soo Min, has such a calm and soothing voice that I can’t help but listen to the song over and over again. The song is just overall a great track to listen to which is why I want to recommend it.

Last but not least is ‘Sirens’, which is a hip-pop track featuring the oh so amazing Swings <333. I mean, not only is one of my favorite hip-pop groups Geeks rapping to a dope song, but you have another favorite hip-pop rapper of mines, Swings, collaborating with them. It can’t get any better than this seriously. ‘Sirens’ as I have mentioned is a hip-pop song so if you don’t listen to K Hip-Pop, you might not really like it, but still, you should give it a try. Maybe ‘Sirens’ will be the song that converts you from listening to idol music to K Hip-pop. It won’t hurt right?

So this is it for Turn It Up Tuesday. To this day, I still listen to all 3 tracks because they’re just great tracks that will never get old. How about you? Which track is your favorite and why? Comment down below as to how you feel about these 3 recommendations! 😀 And most of all, tune in to next week’s Turn It Up Tuesday!

Credits: KWorldNation @ youtube

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