[!] UPDATE: GOT7 MV is outtttttttt~

So they are finally here everybody (calm down, I know you’re excited. Haha). But JYP’s new boy group GOT7 has finally released their debut MV ‘Girls Girls Girls.’

You guys don’t even know how excited I was upon finding out that the MV was released. My sister and I decided to do a reaction video to the MV so I’ll post the link to our reaction video soon. But right now, all I can think about are these boys.

For those who have been following my blog, you guys know that I’ve been following up on GOT7 and have been posting about them, so seeing this post about me freaking spazzing and dying over their perfection shouldn’t come as a surprise.

I think all the members look really good! THEY ARE FINE AND GOOD-LOOKING AS HAIL. They all do deserve to sing a song where the chorus sings ‘Girls girls girls they love me’ because YES, YES WE REALLY DO. I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS ABOUT THAT – Ugh, talk about perfection. Especially my Mark who is UNF UNF UNFFFFF ❤ Like how Mark said, “every lady wants a piece of me.” YES YES, WE DO. MARK. YES WE DO.

BUT I do have a problem with everything else. The music video is actually quite…boring? Dull? Bleak? It takes place within one location and all the camera pretty much does is zoom in or out. I mean, we don’t even get those individual solo shots of the members singing to their lines [you know, the shots where they don’t have anyone around them and it’s just them alone]. I also didn’t really like how the MV kept on dividing up the screen into halves and many squares; it confused me because I didn’t know who to focus on and I was just all over the place. Then some members just did not get enough screen time. Where was Youngjae and Yugyeom?! Our Y’s?! They were no where to be seen. Did they even get any lines? Or if they did, where did they pop up in the MV because I just couldn’t find them! I really wanted to see all of the 7 members. During the chorus when all the members each sing one line, it was just too quick. You saw 2 seconds of one member, then suddenly 2 seconds of another, then the same thing goes on until the chorus is over. Where’s our Youngjae and Maknae? 😦

Regarding the title track, I think I set my expectations a bit too high – which isn’t a bad thing because that just means that I really like GOT7 and want the best for them and I anticipated their debut. But then after listening to ‘Girls Girls Girls’ and finishing the music video, I reminded myself once again that GOT7 is from JYP, a company that isn’t doing do so well with managing and promoting their artists and groups. I guess I had wanted too much that with ‘Girls Girls Girls’ it wasn’t enough and I just simply wanted more. The title track is a disappointment, but I do still like GOT7 and I’m happy enough that they have finally debuted. I really look forward to listening to the rest of their debut album because I really like the beat to the song that played in their first MV video teaser! I hope it’s from their debut album.

Anyways, going back to the members, JB’s a pretty good vocalist to my surprise and I like his voice (it’s sexy). When I discovered that Bam Bam was the rapper, I didn’t want to believe it just because he was part of the Maknae line and was born in 1997 so I thought that there was no way he was the rapper because he’s so young and his voice probably hasn’t fully mature yet. But when he rapped in ‘Girls Girls Girls’, I was blown away. Yes, his voice still hasn’t fully matured yet but it was not as bad and before my eyes, I witnessed one of GOT7’s rappers. Then Mark showed up after Bam Bam rapping as well and I just couldn’t believe it. MY MARK IS RAPPING?! WUT IS THIS?! I didn’t expect him to be rapping and I kind of don’t want him to rap because rappers aren’t really my thing in idol groups and I really like Mark but oh well, I guess I’m gonna have to put up with this. Mark is the first example where I choose a bias (not knowing their position or role) then finding out that they’re a rapper (I don’t have a thing against idol rappers, I prefer main vocalists) so I was a bit sad to find out that Mark was a rapper instead of a vocalist. (still love him though).

Overall, I think ‘Girls Girls Girls’ was satisfying. I was a bit disappointed honestly, but when were debuts ever amazing?! (well, except for SHINee’s, lol). I’ll be looking forward to their debut album and debut stages!^^

Expect to see more updates and posts about GOT7 in the future! 😀 #sorrynotsorry

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