Throw Back Thursday: Rain / 비

It’s Thursday which means another edition of ‘Throw Back Thursday.’ So last week I posted about Shinhwa and their MV for ‘Brand New’, the only song I have heard of them but one of my favorite K-Pop songs evar that really does bring back so many memories of when I first got into K-Pop.

So for this week’s Throw Back Thursday, I decided to dedicate the day to Rain / 비 / Bi. Just recently, he made a comeback with his ‘LAsong’ and ’30 Sexy’ (both of which I’m not a fan of honestly) so to remind myself why I fell in love with him in the first place, I decided to throw back to one of his greatest songs ‘It’s Raining.’ I still remember watching this music video and totally falling for Rain because he just was so hot! Rain, back in the days, was really big back then and even though he’s ruined his image a bit in the past few years, it doesn’t change the fact that he had a huge influence in the K-Pop industry back in the early 2,000’s.

I was going to only originally post ‘It’s Raining’ as that’s one of his most well-known songs and the song that made me become his fan, but then I also really enjoyed his other song ‘I Do’ which is all adorbs so since I couldn’t resist, I just had to post both up for you guys to watch, enjoy, and reminisce!

For those of you were into K-Pop back then, you guys must have known that Rain was really big right? Everyone loved him (well at least I think everyone did) and he and Lee Hyori were the king and queen of K-Pop. It’s sad that Rain isn’t as big anymore, but he have made acknowledgable accomplishments such as ‘Ninja Assassin’ or his performance at MAMA 2013 which was just perfection and full of eye-fucking the camera. Lol. Rain also signed with CUBE and came back with a new album, but for those of you who might not be as impressed with his comeback (like me), maybe watching these early videos of Rain will do the magic for ya and also remind you the reasons as to why you loved Rain  (; .

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