Feel Good Friday: Yerin & Yeseo~

For some of you, Friday has already arrived while for me, it’ll be Friday in a few hours, but since Friday is gonna be here anytime soon anyways, I wanted to post this week’s Feel Good Friday. If you remember, last week I posted a video of B.A.P.’s ‘Bad Man’ Random Play Dance on Weekly Idol because it was absolutely hilarious so for this week’s Feel Good Friday, I hope this clip that I posted of Yerin and Yeseo, two adorable and popular Korean sisters, will cheer you up and make your Friday go well. I love Yerin and Yeseo because they’re just so happy and smiley and cute. Even at such a young age, they have already created such a strong bond and connection with each other. Yeseo always wants to her play with her older sister and Yerin always does her best to make her younger sister laugh and be happy. I really love the relationship between them two and I hope that as they grow older and mature, their relationship will still be as strong and cute as it is in this video.

Happy Friday everyone and I hope it’ll go wonderful for everybody~

Credits: bobaepapa @ youtube

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