Turn It Up Tuesday: GOT7 – Got It? (Mini-Album)

First and foremost, I apologize for the lack of posts. I haven’t been home the past two days and I will be starting school again tomorrow so you might not see many posts from me but please forgive me!

But I’m back for this week’s Turn It Up Tuesday so since today is Tuesday, I have decided to recommend you guys new boy group GOT7’s debut mini-album ‘Got It?’. This album wasn’t actually my original recommendation for today, but then after giving all the songs a listen, I really would like you guys to listen to the perfection that this album is as well, so for Turn It Up Tuesday, I recommend that you listen to all of the six songs on GOT7’s debut mini-album ‘Got It?’!

Favorite track will probably have to be ‘I Like You’ just because I saw the live performance of that song and fell in love with it. Other tracks I also enjoy is ‘Playground’, the instrumental to ‘Follow Me’, and ‘Like Oh.’ JB is ridiculously a really good vocalist and I absolutely love his voice (super good!). Not a big fan of Mark’s rapping despite him being my bias because his rapping style reminds me a lot of Taecyeon’s rapping and I’m not the biggest fan of Taecyeon’s rapping. Lol.

But anyways, this is my recommendation for Turn It Up Tuesday! Even if you aren’t a fan of GOT7, listen to all the songs. It’s a pretty good album, considering that this album is from a debuting group! I can’t wait to see what they’ll put out in the future! & congrats to GOT7 on successfully debuting and ruining thousands of people’s lives (especially mines). I should be sleeping right now because I have school tomorrow, but here I am writing about them and browsing the GOT7 tag on Tumblr. This is seriously so bad.

Okay, I’m really leaving this time, so I hope you enjoyed this week’s Turn It Up Tuesday and stay tune to see which songs I recommend next week! 😀

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