What’s Up Wednesday: Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation

So for the past few weeks since I’ve started this blog, I have been implementing a different thing to do for each day.  On Mondays, I do ‘May You Feel Happy Monday’ (I apologize for not posting any quotes this Monday for the internet was taken away again) where I post inspirational quotes to keep you guys going so that you may feel happy on a Monday even though I know that is almost impossible to do since Mondays are so dreadful (sorry Monday!). On Tuesdays, I do ‘Turn It Up Tuesday’ where I give out recommendations of songs I feel you should definitely listen to since the song or album itself might not be loved much or unappreciated. On Thursdays, I have been doing ‘Throw Back Thursday’ where I post old clips that existed back then – clips of anything that can range from music videos to Korean dramas to variety shows and just share them with you guys what K-Pop was like in the early 2,000’s and why I fell in love with it in the first place. On Fridays, I plan something called ‘Feel Good Friday’ where basically I just post something fun, cute, hilarious, or amazing just to make your Friday all that better since everyone loves Friday right?! I haven’t decided what I wanted to do on Saturday and Sunday yet, but if you do have any good ideas, let me in on what you should think I should do for those two days and I’ll give it a thought! 😀

Wednesday was one of those days where I also didn’t know what I was planning to do, but then I think I have realized what I wanted to do. On Wednesdays from now on, I’m going to be doing something called ‘What’s Up Wednesday’ where I bring up a certain topic (primarily either a recent song, music video, group, or Korean drama) and just talk about that and how I feel about it. So here we go with the first edition of ‘What’s Up Wednesday’! I hope this is successful! 😀

For the first ‘What’s Up Wednesday’, I decided to talk about a recent Korean drama called ‘Inspiring Generation’ also known by ‘Age of Feeling.’ The 24-episode drama stars Kim Hyun Joong and Lim Soo Hyang and has also casted the gorgeous Jin Se Yeon and talented Kim Jae Wook as their second female and male leads respectively. I originally at first wasn’t planning to watch this drama even though I really like Jin Se Yeon. But then one day I was just bored and I couldn’t go to sleep so I thought, “Why not give this drama a try?” So I watched the first episode that night and was, yeah, pretty much interested.

It might be the child actors’ faults that I am pretty addicted to the drama but that just means that they’re doing a wonderful job on their part (in which they certainly are). The drama reminds me a lot of ‘Bridal Mask’ because both dramas take place in similar settings but ‘Bridal Mask’ will always be better (I’m trying my best to be unbiased here. Haha). 

I won’t give away anything, but there’s just something about this drama that really grabs me in and makes me want to continue to watch it. It’s an action-packed drama filled with heart and sadness. If that’s not what you look for in a drama, then I don’t know what kind of dramas you’re watching. Okay, I’m kidding but I recommend that you give this drama a try! It wouldn’t hurt to watch this drama. All I hope for is that the drama continues to maintain its awesomeness and not drag and get worse when the adults come into the story because that’s usually when the drama starts its downfall sadly.

Anyways, for those who are already watching this drama, comment down below on how you feel about the drama and whether you would recommend Korean drama fans who are looking for another drama to watch to watch it or not and why! 😀

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