Feel Good Friday: Hello Counselor~

So for some of you guys, Friday is already here so here is the video of the day for Feel Good Friday! YAAYYY.

I tried to change the format up a bit this time by uploading a variety show that doesn’t star any idols or any videos of two adorable sisters so I decided to share with you guys a funny episode of KBS’s ‘Hello Counselor.’

It wasn’t long ago that I watched ‘Hello Counselor’ but I do find myself watching this variety show more often than other variety shows (not that I watch many variety shows in the first place since they have all gotten kind of dull and boring for me). I guess if I had to choose one thing that I enjoy the most about this show and why I continue to watch it even though at times it can get boring and annoying with the concerns, that really shouldn’t be considered concerns in the first place, I would have to commend the four hosts and MCs for doing an outstanding job at hosting the show. They are all so hilarious and funny, adding in random jokes here and there. And I love how in particular they’re always referring back to the former contestants that also appeared in the same episode, kind of mocking them in a way so that they will stop their bad habits and feel guilty enough to grow out of them.

I have to be honest, I am picky when it comes to the guests so whenever there are guests that I don’t really like that come onto the show, I don’t tend to check that episode out, but with this episode that is posted above, I don’t really know who they all are (I have heard of Ali and Lee Jung though) which is why I gave this episode a chance. Believe it or not, I haven’t finished this episode all the way yet, lol (Then why are you recommending it Mary?). I just want you guys to get a taste of what ‘Hello Counselor’ is like so that you guys can become a fan of the variety show and spazz about it with me! At times, the show can get annoying and aggravating because these concerns are just so ridiculous and outrageous, but the MCs manage to distract me with their funny jokes and random sayings. I love all four of them so so much^^

So I hope you all will have a wonderful Friday that will treat you guys very well. I know for sure I won’t be having a great Friday as I have an exam that I am not confident in and a possible quiz that I am not so ready for. But I’ll try to make the best out of it as best as I can. I have to be optimistic and positive like Jin Yi right?!^^

Oh! And a quick foreshadowing. I’m heading to San Francisco this Saturday for a field trip so I won’t be posting this weekend since I’m gonna be gone the whole day on Saturday then resting and finishing up any homework on Sunday so I will be on a hiatus for two days. But in the meantime, if you guys do happen to miss me, just refer to these old posts and re-read them until you get sick and tired of me. And don’t miss me as much anymore. Hehe.

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