May You Feel Happy Monday~

“There isn’t anyone in the world that is insignificant.” – Yoseob
“Anyone’s opinion can make us feel like we are nothing, but I believe in myself who can outshine others.” – Dongwoon
“Don’t listen to what the adults say too much. You are the only one who draws the road map of your life, it’s not something you ask others.” – Yoseob

So for this week’s ‘May You Feel Happy Monday’, I decided to gather quotes that membersfrom my ultimate bias group, B2ST / BEAST, said and mentioned before. One of the reasons as to why I love BEAST so much is because they’re so humble, hard-working, and inspirational and it’s pretty obvious as seen with these quotes.

So I hope everybody’s Monday will go great. I know it’ll be hard to get up and to go to school or work, but we must wake up feeling grateful and happy every day that we are given another chance to live and enjoy life.

Happy Monday everyone! 😀

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