Update: The Reasons As to Why I’m Crying

Okay. So I am suddenly internally crying because I just found out that my lovely and talented Team B that I love and care for so so so much MIGHT debut this year.

I just can’t handle all my emotions I am feeling right now. I love Team B so much; they are my little babies. When I watched them in WIN: Who Is Next, they were the team I was rooting for from the start because there was just something about them that grabbed my attention and interest and eventually that ‘something’ made me come to love and support them. It’s been almost five months since we’ve last seen them and heard their beautiful voices, but there isn’t one day that passes by that I don’t think about them and what they could be doing. How life is like after the rigorous and eye-opening experience of WIN, how they are coping with the loss, and many more unanswered questions. I know that I shouldn’t be keeping my hopes up too high because it’s YG after all who is known to be a huge troll, but as a huge fan who loves Team B so much and have been trying to find all the updates I can of them, I want to believe that this is true and can’t help but hope that Team B will debut within this year. I have so much faith in them and I know that they will return to us better than ever and surprise us all. From the very beginning, I saw their potential and have never lost my faith in Team B. As a fan who was there from the very beginning, I just want to say that I will wait for them and will continue to give them my love and support.

The second reason as to why I’m crying is because…of this perfection.

Like, why are some people so good-looking?! WHY. WAE. I JUST DON’T GET IT. In case you don’t know who this is, this lovely and good-looking person above who I claimed as my bias which means you will not like him is Mark Tuan from JYP’s new boy group GOT7. It’s funny, because I first saw Mark in WIN: Who Is Next and found Mark to be the most attractive out of JYP’s trainees while everyone else was all over Jackson (not that Jackson isn’t wild and sexy, he is too! Don’t misunderstand!). Then now that GOT7’s debuted, everyone’s just suddenly all over Mark and I’m like HOLD UP. WHERE WERE YOU GUYS WHEN HE APPEARED FIVE MONTHS AGO IN WIN. HE WAS THERE. HE’S STILL THE SAME PERSON. HE STILL EVEN HAS THE SAME HAIR STYLE AND COLOR. But damn, I claimed him first as my bias. Lol. Anyways, we can all give Mark and GOT7 our love and support, now that’s fine with me. But Mark is just…he’s so good looking and amazing. He’s pure perfection. /nuffsaid. i lub him.

So January 26 marks a year since I’ve attended Leessang’s concert. This day was the same exact date that I went to their concert in L.A. last year in the beginning of 2013. It was one of the best experiences in my life! That night, I received the special opportunity to touch Gary Oppa’s muscular arms when he did a dangerous but very surprising move by walking down the stage and into the audience. He was basically surrounded by desperate fans and I admit it, I was one of those fans as well but because there were so many people in such a small venue, I didn’t really have a lot of room to move around to get up close to him so when he was moving towards the audience, I kind of moved over a bit so that I can catch a good glimpse of him up close too, so I’m just standing there, not knowing where Gary was going. He just kept on walking even though there were so many fans swarming behind him and around him. I had my eyes tracing him then before I know it, he stops right in front of me! RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. HE WAS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF MY EYES. AND THE ONLY DAMN THING THAT WAS BLOCKING ME AND GARY WAS THIS STUPID, SKINNY, BLACK RAIL OR GATE THAT WAS DESIGNED TO SEPARATE VIP FROM THE PEOPLE WHO DIDN’T BUY VIP TICKETS. stupid black rail. But anyways, so since Gary was right in front of me, I thought, “This is my chance. I will touch him!” So I touched his arm but stopped because I got scared because seeing Gary, who I have only seen through my laptop screen in Running Man, is now standing right in front of me and allowed me to feel touch him. I was scared, but obviously not as scared as Gary; he looked REALLY terrified. Haha. -sigh- that night was just so memorable and will remain unforgettable. My aunt’s story about how she pushed and shoved others just to get to Gary is so hilarious. And how she also threw her necklace onto the stage to only hit the guitarist. It was a wild, wild and funny night. So yup, it’s been a year since all of that has happened. Oh how I wish I could return to that night and relive those moments again.

The very last thing that is causing me to cry internally are the feels I’m getting from Verbal Jint, Swings, Phantom, San E, and Bumkey’s collaboration ‘You Make Me Feel Brand New.’ The song was released a few weeks back but I only listened to it like twice. But then for some reason, I decided to listen to it again and is suddenly so addicted to it! I don’t know what happened! I love love love Brand New Music which houses all of those artists I mentioned above (and a few more like Miss $ and P-Type) so that probably explains why I love this song a lot right now. Sanchez and Bumkey have the most comforting and smoothest vocals ever and then pair that up with Verbal Jint, Swings, San E, and Hanhae’s rapping and you have the best collaboration evar. I have been listening to this song for the past 4 hours and I don’t think I’m going to stop soon. Lol. It’s my jam right now! If you haven’t listened to it yet, you can listen to it here. I guarantee you’ll love it as much as I do. Warning: It might make you feel brand new! Hahaha.

So yeah, these are all the reasons as to why I’m cried internally tonight. I hope you guys don’t mind this weird and random post, but I just had to vent my feelings and express myself someway somehow. Thanks for reading all of this to those who did. You guys are awesome!

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