Turn It Up Tuesday: Younha – Subsonic Full Album

So remember how last week I recommended GOT7’s debut mini-album ‘Got It?’ because I was absolutely obsessed with not only the members but the songs and because of that skipped out on my original recommendation? Well today, I will finally be posting up what I had originally planned to recommend last week so here it goes!

For this week’s edition, we have a solo artist who is known by the one and only Younha! Her mini-album ‘Subsonic’ was released in December of last year and is one of the mini-albums that I can say that I wholeheartedly enjoy listening to. All the songs just have this depth to it and every song is extremely emotional and sentimental to listen to. My favorites on the album would have to be ‘Painful Sadness’ and ‘Believed in Time’ although I do recommend that you listen to all of the tracks on ‘Subsonic’ because they’re all amazing. I haven’t always been a fan of Younha’s releases as her music centers a bit more around rock and I’m not a huge fan of rock but ‘Subsonic’ has to be my favorite work from her so far. I do think all the songs have a kind of Japanese feel to it, like they would be songs that Younha would sing in Japanese, which I’m not complaining because the songs are good regardless of what language they’re sung in. I’m anticipating her music in the future and I hope they are just as good as ‘Subsonic’, if possible even better even though that would be a hard thing to do. As for how I found out about Younha, I remember her from the song ‘Broke Up Today’ because I liked that song a lot and then I also recall her collaborating often with Epik High back then for special stages like when they performed ‘Love Love Love’ and ‘Password 486.’ I still listen to her collaborations with Epik High like ‘Umbrella’ because that’s an unforgettable song and I still remember her cover of SNSD’s ‘Gee’ because she covered it in such a beautiful way. Although I might just be a casual listener to Younha, I’ve always thought of her as a great and powerful vocalist that needs more love and support. So hopefully with her latest album ‘Subsonic’, that’ll do the trick for ya right? Comment down below on how you feel about this week’s Turn It Up Tuesday! 😀

Credits: My Love Tune Channel 1 @ youtube

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