An Apology to my readers and followers:(

So I usually do recaps for the latest episode of ‘Let’s Eat’ on Tuesday nights because I start school later than usual on Wednesdays but I have concluded that I won’t be able to do a recap of Let’s Eat episode 9 tonight because I just don’t have enough time. My whole week will be busy with school work and assignments so I won’t have any time to the recap for episode nine, but I hope you guys understand and don’t mind. I will get to the recap some time, because I love you guys and because I want to stay caught up on ‘Let’s Eat’ but this week is seriously just not the right week for me to do that.

So I apologize again~ Please wait a bit for the recap. I’m unsure as to when I’m going to recap the episode, but I’m trying to finish all my work right now so I’ll have some free time soon. Thanks you guys! You guys are the best (:

In the mean time, look forward to What’s Up Wednesday pretty soon! 😀

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