What’s Up Wednesday: B.A.P.’s comeback with first full-length album ‘First Sensibility’

So welcome to another What’s Up Wednesday!

Today I wanted to talk about B.A.P. because if you don’t know yet, they’re making yet another comeback but this time, with their first full-length album titled ‘First Sensibility.’ Above is a medley and previews of the songs you can hear from the album and I have to say, I am so excited and pumped! All the songs sound incredibly amazing and wonderful. But the songs that captured my ears and attention the most would have to be title track ‘1004 (Angel)’ [which is good because I usually am more addicted to B.A.P.’s side tracks in their albums than the title tracks themselves sadly] and ‘With You.’ I love the softer sound and route B.A.P. is going with and aiming for with this comeback because I really like this side of them. Of course I do enjoy watching B.A.P. be all up in our face and there’s no doubt that performing on stage with intense charisma and stage presence are one of their many strengths, but I believe ‘First Sensibility’ will showcase B.A.P.’s versatility which is what I think we all would like to see right? But like I was saying, I especially enjoy ‘1004 (Angel)’ and ‘With You’ although ALL the songs right now sound super good.

I can’t wait for the album release! Although February 3 which is the day that the album will be dropping is less than a week away, it sounds like that day will never come at this rate and pace in time. Anticipate a big spazzing post and thread from me about ‘First Sensibility’ and whether the album actually meets my expectations as heard from this medley or if it falls short from what I had originally expected from listening to this medley.

So based on the medley and audio teaser above, what do you guys think about B.A.P.’s comeback and first full-length album so far? Do you guys like this new, softer side of B.A.P. or do you prefer their old, tough, and powerful image? What about the songs? The album? Do you like what you’re hearing so far? Comment down below on all your thoughts! COMMENT AWAY.

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