Spazzzzz Sunday: The awesomeness that is Inspiring Generation (Age of Feeling)

Okay, so I just finished watching episode 5 and 6 of ‘Inspiring Generation’ also known as Age of Feeling (in which I’m caught up) and OOOOO MMMMM GGGGGGG, I have got to say: THIS DRAMA IS SO GOOD.

You have got to watch this drama! LIKE RIGHT NOW. AT THIS MOMENT. If you aren’t watching this drama, WHY AREN’T YOU?! You need to. You have got to. It will make you happy and excited and overwhelmed and content and – just trust me, go watch it right now. It doesn’t even matter on which website you watch it from, just watch it. Seriously. You’re missing out. Once you’re done watching it, you will understand why I’m writing this long, big, spazzing post about this freaking amazing and epic drama.

This drama just gives me so many feels. I guess the first few things about the drama that makes me love it so much are our cast members. The cast includes Lim Soo Hyang, Kim Hyun Joong, Jin Se Yeon, Kim Jae Wook, Song Jae Rim, and many more talented and amazing actors and actresses. Okay, I have to be honest, I wasn’t too fond of Lim Soo Hyang and Kim Hyun Joong. I’ve watched dramas and projects of them before, but never really cared for them. BUT! But this drama is an exception. A big one. They are both doing a phenomenal job with their characters. Lim Soo Hyang plays our female lead, Gaya, and she is so bad-ass and awesome in here. She be killing and murdering not one, but two enemies at once in her dress (?) / clothing and sandals. She’s strong-hearted and only has one goal and priority in mind: to find the murderer of her mother and then get revenge. Ooh, she’s one crazy but courageous woman. Then next you have Kim Hyun Joong who has, believe it or not, improved in his acting (I know! Let’s all rejoice!). I love his character in that Jung Tae is a good guy with good intentions who wants to save all the children from abuse and violence and neglect and I appreciate that about Jung Tae. Next is the oh so beautiful and young Jin Se Yeon who plays our second female lead Ok-Ryeon, AKA my favorite character in this drama so far. I have always been a fan of Jin Se Yeon ever since I saw her back in 2012 in ‘Bridal Mask’ and ever since she’s always been a favorite actress of mine. As to why Ok-Ryeon’s my favorite character, it actually traces back to when they were younger. Ok-Ryeon would always take care of Jung Tae and Jung Tae’s younger sister Chung Ah. Whenever Jung Tae was in the hospital, he would always wake up to find Ok-ryeon by his side sleeping. She always gave him food, medicine for his injuries, and even stole money from where she worked to give to him. Then whenever Jung Tae wasn’t home, she would always go visit his younger sister Chung Ah and care for her by sleeping with her over night and feeding her. Although Chung Ah can be stubborn at times, it’s only because she sincerely loves Jung Tae and is loyal and faithful to Jung Tae that she’s stubborn. Then last but not least, you have Kim Jae Wook who FINALLY, FINALLY appears in the 5th episode when all our characters have grown up.

(yes, this hottie).


He plays Soo-ok, the drama’s second male lead. But damn, even though he’s the second male lead, he steals the spotlight every time he’s on screen. Soo-ok is a very flirtatious and seductive man, but he sure is an expert at that stuff. He harbors a crush for our second female lead Ok-Ryeon and in the two episodes that he’s been in so far, all he does is try to seduce Ok-Ryeon into falling for him, but of course since she only has eyes for Jung Tae, she doesn’t care about Soo-ok…yet. He fell in love with her at first sight (or listen?) when he heard her singing during an audition to be a singer. So ever since, he continually chased after her and played his games on her so that she could return the same feelings. Kim Jae Wook is able to bring so much life into Soo-ok and I really love that about him. I think I’m gonna suffer from second male lead syndrome so I’m rooting for Ok-Ryeon to end up with Soo-ok. Not only because I like Kim Jae Wook and Jin Se Yeon as actors, but also because I really like their characters. They’re the most fascinating and entertaining characters to me so far (and aren’t always so serious and whose backgrounds aren’t so dark and mysterious). I do like Ok-Ryeon and Jung Tae and would somehow like them to end up together as well, because she has done a lot for him and their relationship goes ALLLLLLLL the way back when they were little kids, but then it seems like Jung Tae still cares or harbors feelings for Gaya and she does too. As they are both our main characters, I wouldn’t be surprised if the drama sets them up for a complicated love line. I would love to see how that works out! 😀

I love how much screen time our side characters get in this drama. It was actually kind of weird, because Jung Tae was missing from the drama for a good twenty minutes until he appeared again a few scenes later. It’s nice to see all our side characters get a good amount of screen time in this drama, because we all know how that works out in other dramas right? I love the gang that Jung Tae is in. Boss and Poong Cha are such great leaders, Hyungs, and role models. I hope they don’t die in the end (although I have a feeling they might). How could I forget uri Yoon Hyun-min?! If you aren’t familiar with him, he acted in the popular Cruel City with Jung Kyung-ho last year and he was super good in there. It feels weird to be seeing him in a new drama just because I will always remember him as Soo from Cruel City, but Hyun-min’s doing a great job in here. He plays a darker character in here who I believe is working for the villain, but I love seeing a new side of him! Ooh! You also have Song Jae Rim in this drama. I actually didn’t recognize him at first until people pointed him out. I saw comments like “Song Jae Rim!” and was totally confused because I didn’t remember seeing any Song Jae Rim, but it wasn’t until I saw episode 5 and 6 that I was like, “Oohhhhh, so this guy is Song Jae Rim?!” LOL.

(can you recognize him here? It must be the hair).

Song Jae Rim plays Il-hwa who’s like this super good leader at martial arts which deems him as dangerous and a very big threat. So basically, he’s scary. Yup, that’s pretty much it. As for other characters I’m keeping my eyes on, there’s Gaya’s body guard Jo Donghyuk who plays Shinichi and DAMN, HE IS GOOD-LOOKING. I wonder if he has developed any feelings for her, especially after taking care of her since she was a young teenager and watching her grow (okay, that sounded kind of weird). BUT. I wouldn’t be surprised (and mind) if we find out that he does have some feelings for her. It would make sense…I think.

The second thing and probably the biggest reason I continue to enjoy this drama is because of the cinematography. THE DRAMA IS SO BEAUTIFUL. The director is such an amazing director. All the angles, the shots, the scenes are shot so beautifully I’m always left in awe and admiration. The landscape, nature, etc. are shown in every scene that requires of them and that’s what I love! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE CINEMATOGRAPHY.

So I guess this is my shorter version of my spazzing for this drama. In a few minutes, my mom will be home and will be taking away the internet for 3 days so don’t expect any ‘May You Feel Happy Monday’, ‘Turn It Up Tuesday’, or ‘What’s Up Wednesday’s’ this week you guys. I’m so sorry! Anyways, once again, if you haven’t started on ‘Age of Feeling’, I highly recommend that you give it a try becaues it will blow your socks off like how it did with mines! FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLSSSSS.


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