Turn It Up Tuesday: Lee Hi – Special

So it’s Tuesday (for some), so here is another edition of ‘Turn It Up Tuesday’ where every Tuesday, I’ll recommend a song for you guys and hopefully you guys will give the song a try.

As you guys can obviously see, this week’s ‘Turn It Up Tuesday’ spotlight goes to solo artist, Lee Hi.

Lee Hi might not seem like such an underrated artist, as she is from one of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea and was able to win number one when she first debuted with ‘1, 2, 3, 4.’ But although Lee Hi herself might be known and loved by many, I feel like one of her album tracks is not and that’s why I chose ‘Special’ as this week’s Turn It Up Tuesday. Lee Hi has a really great and soothing voice, mostly known to work well with R&B and ballads. And that’s why I think ‘Special’ is such an amazing song. Because it’s an R&B song, Lee Hi really does a great job at pouring her emotions into the song, then Jennie Kim’s rap flows well with the song as well. I have to be honest, I’m not a big fan of Lee Hi nor Jennie Kim, but there’s no denying that Lee Hi is talented. Although there is still improvement to make regarding her stage presence and dancing skills, she’s one adorable girl that can sing and blow your mind away. And with ‘Special’, I hope this song will be the song that blows your mind away! 😀

So if you haven’t heard of this song yet, please give it a try and if you have heard of this song, it wouldn’t hurt to refresh your mind and listen to this emotional and amazing song ❤

Stay tune next week for another ‘Turn It Up Tuesday’! 😀

Source: cheon sa @ youtube

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