Throw Back Thursday + Feel Good Friday in One~

So here are the videos for Throw Back Thursday and Feel Good Friday that I couldn’t get to the past two days because I was really busy with school (seriously, I had three tests three days in a row starting on Tuesday so every night, I was studying for another test).

First off is ‘Throw Back Thursday’ so for ‘Throw Back Thursday’, I decided to post about one of my first Korean dramas that I ever watched which will forever remain a classic to not just me but everyone else who has seen it – ‘My Lovely Samsoon’ or ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon.’ I remember watching this drama and laughing over the heart and comedy that this drama was able to provide for viewers. Kim Sun Ah was so likable and funny and she really was the gem in this drama. But we can’t forget about the adorable Hyun Bin who also shed some light onto the drama. To this day, one would never think of Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin possibly being a couple in a movie or drama because they seem like such a big mismatch, but it worked in ‘My Lovely Samsoon’ so I’m hoping to see them reunite in a future project (probably won’t happen, but a girl can still dream right?). The OSTs for this song was also really enjoyable; one of my all-time favorite OST tracks ‘She Is’ by Clazziquai remains to be one of the best and most memorable OST tracks for any drama to this day. That song actually made me discover Clazziquai and become a listener to their songs. One of these days, I’m just going to go back and re-watch ‘My Lovely Samsoon’ for all the laughter and joy that I was given when watching it. OH! And the eye-candy! (DANIEL HENNEY). Not to forget, when I first saw this drama and discovered Jung Ryeo-won, I had like a huge girl crush on her. Absolutely gorgeous (even though she was sort of annoying in this drama. Lol). One last thing I remembered about ‘My Lovely Samsoon’ – the random make-out scenes between Hyun Bin and Jung Ryeo Won. (Don’t ask me why I still remember those scenes out of all scenes. Haha).

Then we have ‘Feel Good Friday’ to which I’ve decided to post up an episode of YG’s new and upcoming boy group WINNER and their reality show ‘WINNER TV.’ This video is episode one of their reality show ‘WINNER TV’ like I mentioned before and it is unexpectedly very funny and hilarious. I have to be honest, if you guys didn’t know but watched YG’s ‘WIN: Who Is Next’, I was extremely biased towards Team B so I was hesitant to watch Winner TV but then episode one was the working magic that got me to liking Winner TV, mainly because I was seeing them in a new light and perspective. On WINNER TV, WINNER can be the goofy, silly, weird, and random guys they are that they weren’t able to showcase on ‘WIN: Who Is Next’ so watching them embarrass themselves and shed their image made me become a fan. Of course, my heart will always and I mean always belong to Team B no matter what, but I will also support WINNER (or as I call them, Team A), because they’re just as hard-working and amazing.

So this is it for this week’s edition of ‘Throw Back Thursday’ and ‘Feel Good Friday.’ I apologize for the late posts. I was busy studying and was honestly being a little bit lazy. But I’ll try my best to update from now on.

Tomorrow, I have a school event to go and I will be performing to Amanda Seyfriend’s ‘Little House’ so wish me luck! I hope everyone will have a great weekend with endless adventures. OH! And this weekend is a 3 day weekend for me. FYEAH.

Okay, bye^^

Credits: marcela cañete @ youtube ; MNET and YG

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