Turn It Up Tuesday: Roy Kim – Let Me Love You

For this week’s Turn It Up Tuesday, I decided to post about Superstar K4’s winner Roy Kim (woot woot!). Back when I wasn’t a fan of his yet, I had always thought he had such a wonderful voice accompanied by great looks (he is so good-looking I swear). When his song ‘Love Love Love’ was released, I watched the MV for his face and didn’t really understand the appeal for the song, but after listening to it repeatedly, it got catchier and catchier (I now know all the lyrics to the song, OTL) and I found myself in love with Roy Kim. He was like my newest obsession. So I tried to find all the clips I could of him and eventually became a big fan of his. I’m quite sad that when I finally became a fan, he returned to Georgetown because of plagiarism issues but just at the end of last year, he returned to Korea to perform at the Superstar K5 concert and also held a fansigning event. I hope he continues to stay in Korea because I really miss hearing his voice and listening to his songs. He’s just a really talented and adorable person that I think everyone needs more of. And just recently, he also updated fans with a cover of Michael Buble’s ‘Everything’ to which you can watch here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXljz70-J0A

Some things that I found fascinating about Roy Kim was that he was a 1993-er. I always had thought that maybe he was born in the late 80’s but then when I found out he was the same age as SHINee’s Taemin, I was mind blown and trippin’. But I’m kind of glad he’s young because then I still have a chance. LOL. I’m joking, but I’m also surprised by how cute and adorable Roy Kim is. Maybe it’s just an image that he has to put on for his fans (just like how every other idol has an image that they have to stick to), but I really like his personality. I watched some behind the scene clips of Roy Kim or his cuts for music programs like Music Show Champion and found myself in love. He is just all adorbs ❤

Anyways, I realized just how much I have been writing about him and not enough of the song I’m going to recommend, so without further ado, the song by Roy Kim I would like to recommend for this Tuesday’s Turn It Up Tuesday is called ‘Let Me Love You.’ It’s one of the album tracks from Roy Kim’s latest work ‘Love Love Love’ and the very first time I heard it, it just got me. It doesn’t help either that I have a thing for ballads, lol. Not to forget, the lyrics to the song is so heart-breaking and depressing, but that’s what I prefer so for these reasons, that’s why I really love ‘Let Me Love You.’ Let me love you Roy Kim.

I hope you enjoy this week’s Turn It Up Tuesday and tell me what you think about Roy Kim’s ‘Let Me Love You’! I hope I find some Roy Kim stans to spazz about with, because it’s getting quite lonely just spazzing about him to myself. Hehe. Please tune in to next Tuesday’s Turn It Up! 😀

Credits: Haneulea @ youtube, Roy Kim @ youtube

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