What’s Up Wednesday: Bangtan Boys – Boy in Luv

So it isn’t Wednesday over at where I live yet, but I wanted to do What’s Up Wednesday becauuuseeeee I couldn’t wait any longer to do a post about Bangtan Boy’s most recently released MV ‘Boy in Luv.’

Okay. So just to warn you guys ahead of time, this post will be a spazzing post, so therefore, look forward to many GIFs and Jimin spazz comments since he’s my bias ya know? I hope y’all understand. Okay. Leggo.

First and foremost, regarding the MV, it’s a typical MV as expected from BTS. They lie around looking cool except for Jimin’s who busy mopping the floor (ha, that’s what he gets for cheating on me lol jk) and destroying school property (like how they did in ‘No More Dream’ except in NMD, they were in this other location). Then there were the usual dancing and choreography. Overall, I didn’t think it was bad. although i do wish they could have casted another female lead. don’t hate me.

I did a MV reaction to ‘Boy in Luv’ so I wasn’t as focused on the song as I was just busy concentrating on the MV, but after giving the song a few more tries, damn is this song freaking catchy! I especially love the beginning, I was feeling the beat. Our rappers are FREAKING DOPE at rapping oh gawd. then our vocalists are FREAKING AMAZING at singing oh gawd. what more can i say? oh, i have a lot to say. read to find out.

my favorite scenes in the MV would have to be of Jimin mopping the bathroom floor and just about every scene that took place in the bathroom and yes, including the scene where Jimin and Maknae Jungkook are urinating (hey hey, they’re my OTP OKAY?!). You have Rap Mon and Suga hanging out with each other, J-hope and V just sitting around, Jin in his creepy locker creeping on others, Jungkook crushing on the Ilhoon girl-look-a-like, and then sadly, you have Jimin who’s mopping the bathroom floor. it doesn’t make sense, like first of all – why him out of all the other members. i would have understood if it was jungkook since he’s the maknae and maknaes are usually treated not as good, but then jimin?! jimin?! REALLY?! Why was there even a scene of a member mopping the bathroom floor in the first place?! SO RANDOM. Lol. But okay okay, I’ll stahp my rant there. The bathroom scenes were my still favorite regardless because Jimin was fab.

I received the chance to listen to the whole album and not as impressed. i honestly think that BTS’s debut album will always be my favorite album from them (or at least that’s how it is so far) and it’s sad, because I really want to like their new stuff and work knowing that they all put in so much hard work and effort into the lyrics and compositions, but I just can’t bring myself to like them as much as I want to. I guess the high expectations that they set with their debut album cannot be surpassed (or at least that’s how it is to me. I blame ‘I Like It’ for being such an amazing and sexy song). so yeah, that’s how i feel about the album. again, this is my opinion and feelings.

here are some of the gifs i gathered from the MV. All credits go to jungghoseokk and parkjmn @ tumblr^^


GET AT HIS LEVEL. GET AT HIS LEVEL. Jimin, you can mop my bathroom floor (;

My baby be like, “Ey, what you got there?” Puahaha. And that darn precious smile.

i guess i was screaming too loud over them being together in the bathroom they heard me. oops.

Jimin’s like WASSSUPPP. That smirk after though! and one of these days, jimin’s just gonna elbow jungkook in the face. look it.

Yes, if you couldn’t tell already, Jimin’s my bias. i repeat, MY bias. MINE. MINE. MINE. you can have rap mon though (:

This was the reason why Jimin had to mop the floor. he was serenading the girl (aka cheating on me) so i punished him. hue hue, i hope you feel bad and guilty jimin oppa. i still love you though.

okay so like jimin is my bias and he was looking mighhhtttyyy finnneeee in the mv, but damn, it was hard to take my eyes off of golden maknae jungkook. i like how he looks in here. his hair really matches him^^

it should be illegal for him to look this good and sexy and hot and cute all at the same time. what is life.

although jin was a bit creepy in the mv because he just hid in his locker and once the girl walked passed him he came flying out it and pushing the girl to the locker, there’s no doubt he’s sexy. i mean look at this! LOOK AT HIM.

HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE MAIN CHARACTER IN THE MV. NOT Jungkook. Come on, let’s be real here. Jin is the most handsome and good-looking in BTS. It was so hard to resist sexy and hawt jin in the mv. OTL.

This random scene made me laugh out loud. but then after thinking about it, i was yelling at suga to get off of there and get down before he lands himself in the hospital again. i don’t want him to get injured again.


okay, so i know that pushing a girl onto the locker does not paint a good image in one’s mind (he could have been a little bit nicer, like maybe just talking to her using suave pick-up lines since he already has the looks), but for some reason i find this scene sexy. it must be jin. yup, it’s jin.

So this ends my spazz post about Bangtan Boys’s MV ‘Boy in Luv.’ I’m not sure if I’ve done like an official spazzing thread regarding K-Pop, but this is what a typical spazzing thread about a MV / group / album I really like will look like. So be prepared in the future to see more posts like these.

To end this post, I’ll give you guys a cute GIF I found of Bangtan Boys.

My initial reaction:

LOL @ V’s judging face.




I love how back row is just standing there normal and poised…then you have the three in the front row acting all weird and crazy. and it’s funny because they’re usually the very normal and calm ones. well, maybe except for jimin. haha.

Source: ibighit @ youtube

One response to “What’s Up Wednesday: Bangtan Boys – Boy in Luv”

  1. Hi~ i want to ask did u know another Kpop Group who appear in this MV ? like a poster or etc.
    If u didnt know its Oke ! but if u can help me i’am really thankfull ~^O^~ (sorry my english is not good hehehe)

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