Feel Good Friday: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone~~~

It’s February 14 which means it’s Valentine’s Day everyone!!! 😀

I know that some okay maybe many of us are lonely on this day and we don’t have anyone to spend the holiday with, but hey, I’m free and sexy and single, so if you are so lonely you need someone to talk to, I’m always here for you guys. That’s why I created this blog 🙂

My friends and I are going to have a little Valentine’s Day party / potluck tomorrow at school so I thought of making some treats for my friends. While I was working on packing the candies into the little cute bags, I suddenly thought of how thankful I am to have these wonderful friends by my side. I’ve been hanging out with them for most of my high school life and they were kind enough to stay by my side, despite how obnoxious, talkative, rude, loud, and annoying I was. They were able to accept me for who I am and this realization caused me to grow sad, because in a few months, we will all be separating and going our own ways to see what else our future has in store for us individually. I remember complaining about my group of friends and the yearn I had to hang out with new ones, but I barely realized that no one else will love me as much as those friends I currently hang out with right now does, so I am sincerely thankful to have such amazing and wonderful people there for me.

I have a feeling that Friday will be going well for me. Just yesterday, I received some really great and awesome news! First, I passed my AP Biology quiz with a 100% so that made my day start off well. Then I found out that I had become a “Life Member” to one of the clubs that I joined since my sophomore year in high school which in return gives me different advantages and benefits, such as choosing where to sit during graduation, not having to take the annoying and difficult Finals, and getting these cool-looking medals and cords to wear on the day of graduation so that I can walk up on that stage looking all pimp and full of ‘swag’ while receiving my diploma. Haha, I’m joking, but just knowing that all those $5 membership fees I paid for the past 2 and a half years did not go to waste makes me feel good and proud of myself for doing so. Then last but not least, I received great news that I was an Academic Scholar at my school, so basically that means that I’m at the top of my class (I’m actually ranked 28 out of 750 students at my school. DAMN IT. I should be ranked #1! Haha). Because of my good grades and GPA, I am rewarded by being an Academic Scholar and so this also comes with many different beautiful advantages, such as getting my own little section in the Yearbook, a dinner in recognition of all the Academic Scholars (I will see many familiar faces there), and many more. I knew that all those nights of studying and non-procrastination was gonna be worth it and it definitely did pay off in the end. I’m feeling pretty good right now, because everything seems to be going well (except for my Calculus class where I do not have a single clue as to what we’re learning) I can only hope that things will continue to get better (like maybe receiving my BTS album tomorrow!). So that was how my week went and this is why I’m feeling good~

As you might have noticed, the video above is called ‘Loved’ by Christian singer JJ Heller. Obviously, this isn’t K-Pop or K-drama related, but while I was stuffing the little bags with candy, I was listening to my playlist on Youtube and happened to have landed on this song. It sounded so calm and soothing that I couldn’t stop listening to it and even at this very moment, I’m listening to it. I believe that despite this song not being sung in Korean, it’s still beautiful and very relatable to many, which is why I think you might like it. JJ Heller is an amazing singer with the best songs out there. So please give this inspirational and encouraging song a chance by clicking on the video and hopefully this will make you feel good on this Friday.

I hope everyone will have a great Friday. And once again, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Since I’m feeling quite lonely, I should just travel to South Korea to visit my husband, Yang Yoseob. Hehe.

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