Spazzzzzzz Sunday: Topp Dogg – Arario

It’s Sunday so here’s another edition of my newly implemented plan on Sundays: Spazzzzz Sunday.

For the past few days, I have been listening to Topp Dogg’s track ‘Arario’ non-stop and repeatedly. I just love it. so. freaking. much.

I’m not a big fan of Topp Dogg honestly. There are just way too many guys in one group to remember and memorize, but I still try to listen to their music in every once in a while to see if there’s a song from them that I might like. And I happened to find just that one song.

‘Arario’ is another hip-pop track from Topp Dogg (which I think many weren’t expecting anything less), but the thing that’s different but genius about this track is that it is able to “successfully mix traditional and modern” (Asianjunkie) music together into one. Now that! – is something that is worthy of spazzing over. The song is really catchy right from the top. Great rapping as expected from our rappers (especially Jenissi who I have come to liking a lot because I find his rapping the best and most smooth and powerful all at the same time. Plus, his voice isn’t light which a lot of the other rappers in Topp Dogg sound like and he just sounds so amazing). This song still might not have converted me to a full-time Topp Dogg fan, but if they keep up with concepts and songs like this, then I might – I might just start checking them out more often and begin on my research (I tried before, but wasn’t successful). You should definitely, definitely watch the MV. Even if you don’t like the MV, I hope you guys will enjoy the song! 😀

So next up on Spazzzzzz Sunday is BTOB who just recently released their comeback song ‘Beep Beep.’ The MV teasers made the song sound good, but visually, it wasn’t as spazz worthy. The full MV is just your typical music video, nothing amazing or phenomenal occurs, but I do think Changseob is a very adorable and squishy little puppy that I just want to hold and keep forever (ugh, his scenes in the MV were gold). Although I’m not a big fan of the MV, I really like the song. It’s super catchy and plus there’s an equal distribution of lines which is super awesome! When I heard Peniel’s voice for more than half a second, my jaw dropped in surprise. My reaction: “He did not just get lines to sing!” HAHA. I’m glad he’s getting more lines, because Peniel’s been way too long in the dark dark shadows. Minhyuk also gets his own rapping after always being in the shadows of Ilhoon. If there was one thing that I’m feeling a bit iffy about, it would have to be Ilhoon’s rap towards the end of the song. I felt like it was a bit out of place and just randomly inserted into the song. Maybe it’s just me who feels this way, but I think adding Ilhoon’s rap after Minhyuk’s rap would have better suited the song. While watching the MV, all I could think of was when Ilhoon was going to rap (because I love his rapping. FIERCE) and where in the song was he going to rap, because the MV was coming to a close and he still hadn’t rapped. So that’s a little complaint that I have towards ‘Beep Beep’, but other than that, it’s impressive. Not as impressive as ‘WOW’ of course, but I really like this image and concept of BTOB’s and I hope they stick to something like this, instead of doing all that cute, aegyo-y concept like ‘Second Confession.’ I would also love to see BTOB return to their roots when they first debuted and do something mature and sentimental like ‘Insane’ and ‘Irresistible Lips’ but I’m not sure we’ll ever get to see that side of them again (that was two years ago). Regardless, I’m rather satisfied with the music that Topp Dogg and BTOB are putting out. I hope they’ll continue to put out more great music in the future~

Topp Dogg fans and Melodies, what do you guys think of your bias groups’ MVs and songs?^^

Credits: BTOB (official youtube channel) ; STARDOM Entertainment @ youtube

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