Turn It Up Tuesday: Jung In [ft. Gary of Leessang] – Let’s Walk a Little

It’s Tuesday (or is soon going to be…which means the first half of my Calculus test which means a lot of fail and tears) so it’s time for another Turn It Up Tuesday!

For this week’s Turn It Up Tuesday, I decided to post about solo artist Jung In from Jungle Entertainment. I remember seeing her live at one at Leessang’s concert in L.A. early last year and being mesmerized by her. When I heard first her sing, I wasn’t a big fan of her voice nor did I enjoy her accent (?), but then over time, it grows on you and you get used to it.

This song that I’m recommending called ‘Let’s Walk a Little’ was from an album Jung In released after she toured with Leessang on their World Tour. Because I saw her live at concert, I anticipated her releases and then she released an album with this track in it, so I gave her whole album a listen and found ‘Let’s Walk a Little’ to be the most enjoyable and soothing. Aka, it’s my favorite song from hers yet~

‘Let’s Walk a Little’ is a slow and relaxing duet between Jung In and Leessang’s Gary. I think I would have still liked the song even if Gary hadn’t collaborated, because ‘Let’s Walk a Little’ is such a simplistic but calm song that’s easy on the ears. Jung In does a great job of expressing herself here; she doesn’t overdo her singing, but rather it seems like at times she’s holding back and refraining from releasing her strong vocals. The song is simple and nice to listen to, Jung In’s vocals cooperates well with the song and that’s why I really like this song. Unlike what the song sounds like, the lyrics were a little bit different than from what I expected, but I still like the song.

So this is this week’s Turn It Up Tuesday. Do you guys like it? Hate it? What do you think about Jung In? Comment down below~

Source: AsianMusicLyrics45 @ youtube

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