What Mary Thinks: Sunmi – Full Moon

Former Wonder Girls member Sunmi recently released the MV to the title track from her 1st mini-album ‘Full Moon’ and while I’m not a big fan of the other album tracks from the album, I am absolutely in love with ‘Full Moon.’

From all the reviews and thoughts I’ve read so far regarding ‘Full Moon’, many people seem to like it, but state that it isn’t a song that they will find themselves listening to it again repeatedly. And then you have me here who’s currently listening to it right now for the 600th time as I write this post.

Unlike everyone else, I am part of the minority where I did not like ’24 Hours’ nor did I care about Sunmi as a solo artist. Even when she was a member of the Wonder Girls, I never really showed any interest in her. But I did know for sure that her solo debut last year was a big success and now her second comeback ‘Full Moon’ is successful again as the title track managed to chart well.

Because I’m not a big fan of Sunmi, I didn’t take the time to watch all of the MV to ‘Full Moon’, but instead gave her first mini-album a listen. Like I mentioned above, the only track that I liked was ‘Full Moon.’ It doesn’t help that Sunmi sounds great in here and is accompanied by Lena, a JYP trainee that is going to debut soon in JYP’s upcoming girl group. I love how Lena’s rap isn’t cringe worthy, because that helps the song out a lot. Sunmi’s vocals are calm and soothing, then Lena’s rap is fierce and powerful. It goes great together. I find this track to be one of the better tracks by Brave Brothers (along with BTOB’s ‘Beep Beep’ which was super catchy and good).

It’s weird that while I didn’t care for ’24 Hours’, I love ‘Full Moon’ when they’re essentially sung by the same person..but music does that to you, you know? Haha. I love the jazz and R&B vibe that ‘Full Moon’ creates, because I tend to like music that revolves around R&B in general. I know that if Sunmi continues to release music like ‘Full Moon’ in the future, I won’t become a fan of hers, but I’ll continue to put her on my radar and see what else she has up her sleeves. It seems like things are going great for her so far and that’s always good 🙂

Credits: jypentertainment @ youtube

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