What’s Up Wednesday: Goodbye Winner TV, Hello Winner

It’s Wednesday so I decided to write about YG’s new boy group WINNER who viewers were able to watch embarrass themselves and demolish their image before they could ever improve on it for What’s Up Wednesday.

You know that kind of feeling you get when you watch something very good and entertaining, let’s say a Korean drama, and you know that the ending is near, but you just don’t want to say bye and let go? That was how I felt regarding Winner TV.

I first came to knowing Winner on WIN: Who Is Next, where back then they were known as Team A on the show and competed against long-time friends and trainees Team B (my babies). Of course, Team A ended up winning the show and received the chance to start anew as Winner and as a result, earned their own reality show Winner TV.

Because I was heavily Team B biased throughout WIN, I developed this hatred or dislike towards Team A so I wasn’t planning to watch Winner TV at all, in fear that I will forever be reminded of how they took away my Team B’s dreams when it was at the tip of their noses. But then I decided to give Winner a chance, because I often do that to rookie groups. I acknowledge the fact that they all worked hard during their trainee years, so I thought, “Why not give Winner TV a chance?” I clearly still recall the feeling I felt when I finished watching episode one as if it was just yesterday. When I finished episode one, I didn’t want to admit it, but I was addicted. Addicted.

Episode one was surprisingly so hilarious and funny and full of comedy in every single way possible. I absolutely loved the simplistic and easy-to-follow platform or concept that the show built and I especially adored and laughed at the members for being so dorky and out-going and silly. This show was THE show to change my perspective and view on Winner and I’m glad that I watched it, because had I not watched this show, I probably wouldn’t even care about Winner at all.

Just recently on Valentine’s Day, the last episode of Winner TV aired and I refused to watch it, because I didn’t want to bid farewell to these five hilarious and 4D guys. They are truly individuals in their own ways and they each have something about them that sticks out and grows on you. Whether that’d be Jinwoo’s confusion with directions, Seungyoon’s passion for music, Seunghoon’s ability to play ten different characters during ‘The Heirs’ parody, Mino’s bright smile and optimism kept throughout the show, or Taehyun’s thoughtfulness that he displays several times, this show is just so entertaining in so many ways. To the point where yes, I stopped watching EXO’s Showtime to fully absorb myself on Winner TV (and I don’t regret it one bit honestly).

I can’t pinpoint a favorite episode of mines, because they left me all in awe and happiness. But some favorite scenes of mines would be Jinwoo visiting his father in his hometown or Seunghoon and Mino dancing with the old ladies. The very last episode where there were video messages and dedications really got to me. I have this tendency to get emotional very easily when I watch parents dedicate a message to their kids, so when Winners’s parents were talking to them, I just got so sad and I started to cry. Then it got worse when Team B appeared (even though I had already known about their special appearance on the show beforehand). I love how through this show, I was able to find out a little more about the members, like how Mino is an extremely sensitive and emotional person. One would think that by judging just solely based on his appearance, Mino is tough and cold, but really on the inside, he’s like a cute little puppy who cries very easily and I believe that this might be because he’s gone through so much more than all of the other Winner members have gone through. Mino cried a whole lot more than the other members in the last episode, and I find it even more touching when those tears just kept on releasing when Jinhwan’s face popped up on the screen. Just like how Winner themselves noticed and acknowledged, when their parents and family appeared, they didn’t cry, but then when Team B’s faces were present, they just started bursting out in tears (especially Mino). Just little things like those managed to bring a smile (and a few tears at that) on my face when I least expected it. I didn’t expect this whole show to bring about so much laughter and joy into my life. I, who had been hesitant to watch this show because I was afraid that I would be reminded of Team B, thoroughly enjoyed every episode and anticipated the next episode’s release. I already miss this show and one of these days, I plan to go back and marathon the whole show (I will never do that to WIN though. I’m never going to put myself through that torture ever again. Or at least not when Team B hasn’t debuted yet). Because Winner won WIN, they have to do well. For Team B.

I had already known about Team B’s appearance in episode ten of Winner TV before I watched all of episode ten, so when I saw Team B in episode ten I wasn’t too surprised. But I for sure was really glad and thankful that we Team B fans and stans finally received an update on our boys. I was very emotional when I saw their faces again, because only God knows how much I have missed them terribly. Seeing them smile and dedicate their messages and thoughts to their brothers Winner was so heart-warming and touching I ended up in tears. I really do hope that Team B debuts this year, because I miss them so so much. They’re still the same, silly, weird, random, funny, and cute guys that they were in WIN and the thing that is the most relieving to me is that the six members I fell in love with and supported: Hanbin, Bobby, Donghyuk, Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, and Junhwe are still the same six members we saw in episode ten of Winner TV. I couldn’t have asked for more; I was so worried that there would have been member changes or group changes once WIN was over, but I truly believe that that last performance that Team B performed ‘Climax’ really did change YG’s mind and persuaded him to let Team B stay the way they are and so for that, I couldn’t be more grateful.

So while Winner TV has sadly ended (WHYYY. WAEEE. I DON’T WANT IT TO END. PLEASE. SEASON 2. SEASON 3. SEASON 4. SEASON 5. UP TO SEASON 10000. I will miss it very much), this can only mean that Winner is taking time off of filming for this reality show to fully concentrate on their upcoming debut which I think we’re all pretty excited for right? In one of the episodes, the members of Winner gave YG their compositions and they all sounded ridiculously good I hope they all appear on the debut album. To YG, stop it with the debut delays and postponements already and just debut Winner. They’ll do fine 🙂

So long Winner TV. It was such an amazing experience and journey with you guys and I wish Winner the best in the future. Thank you for providing me with laughter and happiness all throughout the show. I really didn’t expect it, but because I was entertained, I will give you guys my support and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

If you guys haven’t watched Winner TV, I recommend you guys do. Episodes are only up to 45 – 50 minutes long, provided with english subs by Mnet. You will never have laughed as hard as you have until you watch this show.

Credits: Mnet @ youtube

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