Spazz Sunday: 2NE1’s ‘CRUSH’ Album + Swing’s ‘Mood Swings II pt. 1’



So it is Sunday (and Monday tomorrow, sadly) so here’s another edition of Spazzzz Sunday!

I decided to post about 2NE1’s new album ‘CRUSH’ that they released a few days ago. I managed to give the whole album a listen and as a non Blackjack, I have to say this album is…solid. I actually in all honesty prefer it to SNSD’s as well. Favorite tracks would have to be ‘HAPPY’, ‘Come Back Home Unplugged Version’, ‘If I Were You’ , ‘Gotta Be You’, and ‘Good to You.’ It seems like not many people like ‘Happy’ because it doesn’t suit 2NE1 and doesn’t sound like any of their past songs, but I actually like it because of that exact reason. The fact that it shows another side of 2NE1 and not the all-in-your-face-look-at-me-I’m-badass- side of 2NE1 makes me like it alot. Plus, the song sounds happy and upbeat overall which is what I like. I’m not a big fan of the original ‘Come Back Home’ just because the transition is really random and pretty bad, but the unplugged version is flawless. Acoustic and vocals go so well together. Lol. I like a lot of the slower R&B ballads in this album than the loud and heavy tracks, but 2NE1 is good at balancing and sounding good in both no matter what. ‘CRUSH’ isn’t the most perfect album ever, but compared to their releases last year, this album certainly does wonders. Plus, am I the only one who thinks that ‘If I Were You’ would go great for an OST track? The chorus is so dramatic it sounds like an OST track. Haha.


Next up for Spazz Sunday is one of my favorite hip-pop artist, Swings. I first heard of him four years ago when he featured in my home gurl G.NA’s album track ‘Supa Solo’ (and it doesn’t help that I was super in love with that sexy song as well) so ever since then, I’ve been keeping an eye out on him. I love Swing’s voice and his rapping style. He definitely has flow and attitude. I always thought Swings could rap, but then when I heard him sing in his collaboration ‘That You’re Mine’ with Huh Gak, I was so taken aback and surprised at not only how good of a rapper Swings was but also at how he was a better singer than most of the Oppars in the music industry. I love both his rapping and his singing and this is what he presented to fans in his most recent album ‘Mood Swings II Pt. 1 Major Depression.’ My favorite track would have to be ‘Major Depression’ (ft. Lovey) and ‘I Need a Break.’ ‘Major Depression’ is like the cutest song evar and the last kind of song I would ever expect Swings to sing. It’s a really bubbly, upbeat, and cute song – something I would have never imagined a hip-pop rapper like Swings would EVER – EVER sing. But hearing this new side of him makes me really happy, because in songs like ‘Major Depression’, he sings and rap! YAYAYAY. The other track ‘I Need a Break’ is a simple acoustic song that Swings first opens up with, “It took me three years to finally record this song.” As if I didn’t want to cry from hearing the guitar already. That phrase totally struck my fangirl heart and feels and made me love Swings a million times more. ‘I Need a Break’ is such a beautiful song that really captures the colors of Swing’s amazing voice. His vocals are really no joke. You would think that he is superb at rapping, but he is just as good at singing and expressing his feelings with his vocals. Ugh, Swings, stop being so amazing. I know that not many people might like Swings because he caused some controversy with his disses last year, but I actually am still a very big fan of his. I brushed all those negative things aside and will continue to stand by Swing’s side. Last year, when everyone else had turned their backs on him and the world was against him, I remained by his side and continued to support him. It’s just that I love Swings a lot and I truly think he is talented. I loved him for his rapping and thought he was amazing at that. Then with this album ‘Mood Swings II Pt. 1 Major Depression’, he showcases his singing skills and I have just fallen in love all over with him. Seriously, he is one talented man. Swings might not be the most handsome and good-looking guy ever, but he’s a great singer and rapper and I appreciate his talents.

So there goes my spazz thread for this Sunday. What are you guys currently spazzing about on this Sunday? Comment down below and discuss! 😀

Credits: Matilda Bekteshi @ youtube, Song4uCH2 @ youtube

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