Next Korean Drama recap?

So it has finally dawned upon me that the Korean drama I’m currently recapping on right now ‘Let’s Eat’ starring my fabulous and amazing Yoon Doojoon (from BEAST) will be ending soon. There are only two more episodes left from the drama which means….that it’s time for me to slowly let go and find another drama to recap sadly. Because of that, I was looking up some fairly new dramas that have just started airing and I found some that captured my interest: Cunning Single Lady starring Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung, God’s Gift – 14 Days starring Lee Bo Young, and Her Lovely Heels starring Han Seung Yeon from Kara and model-actor Hong Jong Hyeon. I am aware that there are already recaps on ‘Cunning Single Lady’ on Dramabeans so I’m thinking of ruling that one out even though I had originally planned to recap that drama. Then that leaves me with ‘God’s Gift – 14 Days’ and ‘Her Lovely Heels.’ As of right now, I am leaning slightly more towards ‘Her Lovely Heels’ just because I feel like it’s really underrated (although I haven’t watched the drama yet so I’m not sure if the lack of popularity is due to the drama being boring or not), but by the looks of it, ‘Her Lovely Heels’ looks like a really pretty drama. Haha.

But I also want you guys to voice your thoughts and opinions on what drama I should recap. And it doesn’t have to be any of the dramas I mentioned above. If there’s another drama (or even movie) you want me to recap and recommend me to watch, I will put it into consideration! My readers matter to me as well and I want you guys to be as happy as I am with the things I post on my blog, so speak up and say what you wanna say! Hehe.

I will hopefully come to a decision pretty soon and if no one states anything, then expect to see a new recap of another Korean drama on this blog in a few days (or even weeks. It depends). Thanks you guys! 😀

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