Spazzzzz Sunday: Vanilla Acoustic – 나 요즘

So it’s almost Sunday so for my edition of Spazzzz Sunday, I decided to write about Vanilla Acoustic’s latest and most recent song ‘나 요즘’. (I don’t know what the English translation to the title is, but it doesn’t really matter). I thought I heard of the name Vanilla Acoustic before and perhaps I have, I just can’t remember right now, but I am in love with the song posted above.

The female vocalists’s voice is just so beautiful! She sings really well, calmly, and smoothly you can’t help but enjoy it. Then the male vocalist is just as good as singing and his voice is very gentle and delicate. Both of their voices go well together ‘나 요즘’ is a great collaboration! I like how the song fits in perfectly for Spring. The track is simple, but cute and lovable. I like it – a lot. And when a song like ‘나 요즘’ makes me really happy and feel all fuzzy inside, I post about it to share the beautiful song with the rest of you guys, so I hope you guys like it as much as I do.

Please, please, please do give this track a listen. You guys will not regret it, I promise!

This is it for this week’s Spazz Sunday! If there’s something else I would like to spazz about or you want me to check out, just tell me and I’ll check it out! Thanks 😀

Source: Song4UCH3 @ youtube

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