What Mary Thinks: A Special Thanks to All My Readers and Visitors~

So I have been noticing that over the past few weeks, the amount of views and visitors for my blog has been increasing significantly so I just wanted to use this time right now to give all my readers, visitors, commenters, etc. a BIG thank you!

About a month (or a week?) ago, I had started to lose motivation and inspiration for writing which is why I didn’t update anything on this blog, but then once I started to do recaps on ‘Her Lovely Heels’ and continued on the recaps for ‘Let’s Eat’, more and more Korean drama lover fans started to visit this blog for those recaps so I’m extremely grateful.

You guys don’t even have to comment, just visiting my blog from time to time is fine with me. I’m extremely content and satisfied with that. Of course I would love my visitors to comment their thoughts and opinions, but I understand that we all begin as silent readers for a while before garnering all our courage to comment (that was how I started out too. I totally understand) so if you’re not comfortable yet commenting on my blog, you don’t have to. You can continue to visit my blog as a silent reader if you like or you can comment and we can hold a nice and mature discussion on a Korean drama or K-Pop.

This blog would not have existed if without the support and interest from you guys. Everyday I check my stats to see the amount of views and visitors and I am astounded and appreciative to see the numbers increasing. This means a lot to me and hopefully is implying that I am doing something right. I will continue to do recaps of Korean dramas and I know I have been slacking off on K-Pop lately, but I’ll pick that back up – I promise.

So to all my visitors and readers, you guys are awesome! Thank you so much and I hope you guys continue to visit my blog and support me in the future! Thank you πŸ˜€

3 responses to “What Mary Thinks: A Special Thanks to All My Readers and Visitors~”

  1. Heyyyy Mary! ^^

    I saw one of your cover videos, and yes, they’re great (btw “Come back home” was excellent!) as well as your blog, which is full of high quality content. You must have invested a lot of time in it. Hope you keep it up and I wholeheartedly give you my support!!! πŸ™‚

    • Hello Yu Nong Yang! πŸ˜€

      Awwww, thanks for supporting me! I notice that you always post on my Youtube videos and now you’re even supporting me on my blog. Thank you so so much for your support!

      I will continue to post on this blog no matter what~ Thank you again! :DD

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