Spazzzzz Sunday: Michelle Lee & Hong Dae Kwang

It’s Sunday so what’s better than another edition of ‘Spazz Sunday’?! I have been catching up with Korean dramas lately over the past few weeks which means I haven’t been paying attention much to my other baby K-Pop so it was this weekend that I decided to dedicate some time to listen to some newly released songs.

Michelle Lee, a contestant on the first season of K-Pop Star and a former YG Entertainment trainee, finally made her anticipated debut with ‘Without You.’ I gave the two songs she released ‘Without You’ (her debut track) and ‘That’s Ok’ a listen and although ‘Without You’ sounds great (kind of reminds me of Beyonce and Ailee), it’s her album track ‘That’s Ok’ that stuck to me more. I think she and Oh Taeseok, who features in this song, sound great together! Their voices really compliment one another so I really liked this collaboration. It’s upbeat, catchy, and cute! ME LIKE. BONUS POINTS.

The second artist I want to spazzzzzz about today is Hong Dae Kwang, a solo artist and a former contestant on Superstar K4 who managed to rank in the Top 4 when he was on the show. I had heard about him a few times before as he collaborated with some artists and girl group members and I also listened to some of his songs before so when he released his most recent work ‘The Silver Lining’, I listened to all of the songs and found myself in love with two of the album tracks. First one is ‘잠깐이면 돼’ while the other one is called ‘스물다섯..’. I really like Hong Dae Kwang’s voice, I remember thinking that he sounds similar to B.A.P.’s Daehyun and maybe that’s why I continue to listen to him (since I’m a Baby you know?). But Hong Dae Kwang is a very good singer (although sometimes I feel like he sings a bit too powerfully) and I hope that you will listen to him and give him some support.

So there goes my edition of Spazzzzz Sunday! I hope you can give these tracks a try and tell me what you think about it…or tell me what you are spazzing about recently these days.^^

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