To All My Lovely Visitors and Readers~

I know that there has been a lack of updates lately on this blog so the purpose of this post is to inform you guys on why I haven’t been posting as much. I am aware that all the episodes to ‘Her Lovely Heels’ provided with English subs has been released thanks to so if you want, you can go visit her website and watch the episodes yourself instead of waiting for my recaps. I won’t get around to recapping until Friday afternoon / evening, because tomorrow I won’t be home until late due to school. I am sincerely sorry and sad that I’m not able to provide you guys with any recaps. To those who continue to visit my blog, thank you very much. I am so happy to have amazing and wonderful supporters like you guys who still continue to visit my blog in hopes of updates. I know it’s very disappointing when there is nothing new, but I just can’t seem to find the time to update, because of school which is taking up a lot of my time. But I hope you guys understand; I mean, you guys are busy yourselves too right?…right? Haha. So recaps to episode 9 and 10 of ‘Her Lovely Heels’ will most likely be up on Friday so look forward to that. If you are impatient right now, you can visit and watch all the episodes that have been subbed (and thank her as well for her fast and hard work!). Thank you guys so much! I can’t get over how I have the best followers and visitors and readers. You guys are jjang jjang! (stolen from Jin Yi from ‘Let’s Eat’). Hehe. I hope you guys have a great week! See ya Friday! 😀

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