Next Korean Drama I should recap?

Hey everyone~ So I recently finished recapping ‘Her Lovely Heels’ which was the last Korean drama I did recaps on, so since I’m free and Korean drama-less right now, I was wondering what is the next series I should recap on. If you guys have any suggestions, comment down below and I’ll consider it or else for right now, I’m just gonna have to go off of just posting about K-Pop until I find another drama I can spazz about (and that’s gonna be a long time because I’m not watching any Korean dramas right now sadly).

I used to be very worried that my recaps were bad and horrible and you guys wouldn’t like them (some of you guys probably don’t, who knows), but reading your guys’s comments makes me feel all better about my recaps and that maybe they aren’t all that bad. Recapping was something new I was tackling and I didn’t know how difficult and time-consuming it was until I started to recap ‘Let’s Eat’, but in the end, I enjoy it because I feel like it’s worth all of that time and those sacrifices. Providing for my readers and visitors is my first priority when it comes to this blog, so I shall continue to do recaps even though it can be a big pain in the butt sometimes.

So once again, if you guys have any suggestions as to which drama I shall recap next, just comment down below (don’t be scared, hehe) and I’ll take it into consideration 🙂


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