What Mary Thinks: Hot Blooded Youth / Hot Young Bloods


So I recently got around to watching ‘Hot Blooded Youth’ or ‘Hot Young Bloods’ starring the amazing and beautiful Park Bo Young and handsome Lee Jong Suk. When I heard the news that they were going to act with each other, I was really surprised but excited, because one, I am such a huge fan of Park Bo Young. I loved her ever since I watched ‘Speedy Scandal’ (which also stars Cha Tae-hyun and Wang Seok-hyun) so every project she’s come out with after I’ve been looking out for. So to sum it all up, I have a really big girl crush on Park Bo Young. As for Lee Jong Suk, I’m not his biggest fan nor have I watched most of the movies and dramas he’s been in, but he’s another one of those actors that I keep my eye out for and since he acted in ‘Hot Blooded Youth’ with my Park Bo Young, I just knew I had to watch this one!

It was actually funny because I was watching ‘No Breathing’ earlier this morning and I thought of Lee Jong Suk and how he starred in ‘Hot Blooded Youth.’ So I went to go check to see if there were any English subs available and then I happened to find it on gooddrama where it was the most recent movie added onto the website. What a coincidence. Puahaha. Lucky me!


‘Hot Blooded Youth’ takes place in the early 1980’s and showcases the lives of our four main characters: Young-sook (played by Park Bo Young), Joong-chil (played by Lee Jong Suk), So-hee (played by Lee Se Young), and Gwang-sik (played by Kim Young-kwang). To put it into simpler terms, the movie revolves around a love square. Gwang-sik likes Young-sook who likes Joong-chil who likes So-hee. Young-sook is the jjang or iljin of her high school. She’s basically like the bad-ass leader that most of the girls obey out of fear. She’s tough, bad-ass, and can drop kick a guy twice her height. Yeah, I would be scared of her too. Joong-chil is this really witty guy who uses his own method to capture the fluttering hearts of girls. He’s suave and smooth when it comes to girls, but not so much when it comes to fighting as many times in this movie, he always comes home with a bruised face. So-hee is that new student who transferred from Seoul that many of the guys spazz over, including Joong-chil. So he tries his own tactics to get at her and almost succeeds. Last but not least, Gwang-sik is the iljin or leader of his mob and he harbors this crush (but more like possession) over Young-sook, claiming her to be his and when he discovers that there might be someone else interfering in their relationship, he gets super angry and scary. Sooo you don’t want to mess with him either.

SPOILERS AHEAD. DO NOT GO ON TO READ IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN THE MOVIE. English subs are now available at gooddrama.net so you can watch it there! 😀

I was really excited going into this movie because as you guys might already know I really really really love Park Bo Young and I’m a fan of Lee Jong Suk. But…30 minutes into the movie, I was a bit clueless and confused and in all honesty, as much as I didn’t want to admit it, disappointed. It might be that the plot is so simple that not much was going on and that’s why it was easy to become distracted and bored. And I was only 30 minutes into the movie when I became bored.


This movie didn’t have anything new to offer. There was love and romance involved, high school, fighting, all of that good stuff. And maybe that’s why I wasn’t as immersed in the movie, but also at the same time, it was how the plot was executed that I wasn’t interested enough. Lee Jong Suk would always return home with a bruised and beatened up face and it got tiring after a while. Not to say that the movie wasn’t good because it was. There were moments of comedy, laughter, smiles, and joy – I loved seeing the bad-ass and gangster character Park Bo Young played try to woo over the boy who doesn’t give a crap about her (anymore). One of my favorite scenes would be when they were on a field trip and Park Bo Young and her four other friends were performing not so goodly and everyone was not impressed, but in fear that they would get beatened up, had to clap along to the song and pretend to act like they were enjoying it. That was funny because it was so obvious in their faces that they didn’t like the performance. Another scene that really lit up the mood was when Choong-gil had enough of Gwang-sik and trained himself to become a better fighter so that he could stand up for himself, but in the end it didn’t work properly as he chickened out. Lol. There were many funny and ridiculous scenes that makes you just reflect on the reason as to why you’re watching this movie, but then again, the movie wasn’t as refreshing as I thought it would be and I wasn’t totally interested the whole way.


I wished more time could have been spent developing on Young-sook and Choong-gil’s relationship / friendship. They were friends when they were younger, but grew distant as they got older. In the movie, we see flashbacks of when they were younger and got to witness their cute friendship full of sacrifices and love. We barely return to that at the very end of the movie (and when I say very end, I mean the very freaking end. The last 5 minutes I tell you), because at the very end of the movie, that’s when Young-sook and Choong-gil go from being distant strangers to one good-looking and compatible couple. It wasn’t until the last 15 minutes of the movie that Choong-gil realized just how precious Young-sook was to him as a friend and went chasing after her. Too bad he was too caught up with trying to win over So-hee whose character I don’t understand. One moment she’s this sweet and innocent lady then the next thing we see is her fighting with Young-sook in the restroom. Like woahhhh, where did you get all this fierceness and mettle from? I totally didn’t see it coming. It was like one moment she’s into Choong-gil and she likes him, then she disappears from the movie for a good 30 minutes, then when she appears on screen again, she doesn’t have any interest in Choong-gil. I just couldn’t understand her character and I wished that the movie would have spent some more time developing her as a character. Maybe it was just me who felt this way. But going back to Choong-gil and Young-sook, as they were childhood friends, I wished the movie would have spent more time showing us how they drifted apart over the years and how they landed themselves in the position and situation they were in at the beginning of the movie. Choong-gil gave us a small explanation as to why he pushed himself further away from Young-sook, but I wanted it to be more explicit. I wanted more development on Choong-gil and Young-sook’s relationship and I’m super sad, like really sad, we didn’t get that in this movie. They eventually end up together as a couple towards the very end of the movie (the last 5 minutes), but it was as if we took a short short-cut to get there and I feel cheated. The majority of the movie was just Choong-gil getting beatened and trying to woo over So-hee and ignoring Young-sook, it wasn’t until he realized what she did for him that he woke up and faced reality. And by then it was already too late. Urgh, you should have noticed earlier boy. I understand that he was scared and petrified of Gwang-sik, shoot I would be too, but I don’t think there was a need to avoid her for that long. Just like how Young-sook confronted Gwang-sik, I wished Choong-gil would have confronted Young-sook the same way. Then maybe they both would have been just good friends.


What I do think the movie did well was showcasing and developing Young-sook. On the outside, she’s short, bad-ass, and tough, but when she’s with Choong-gil or sees Choong-gil with So-hee, she suddenly transforms into this emotional and sensitive girl who’s just in love with a boy who won’t give her any of his attention at the end of the day. And I think this transformation was done so nicely I did feel sympathetic for Young-sook when she was so desperate for Choong-gil to also like her, but he didn’t. When it was just her and Choong-gil together, she suddenly revealed the warm and calm side of her that we viewers never thought existed. She spoke softly and delicately, speaking about the past with Choong-gil and memories of when they were childhood friends. It’s in those scenes that we come to realizing that she still lingers in the past. Many times Young-sook had a habit of bringing up the past to Choong-gil and I think it’s because it was when they were childhood friends that Choong-gil still cared about her and gave her his support and love. It’s the only place where Young-sook can resort to for healing and satisfaction, because in high school, situations have changed and Choong-gil doesn’t feel the same way anymore. Young-sook feels like bringing the past will hopefully make Choong-gil think about the way their friendship used to be and the possibility that it can be like that again one day – that’s why Young-sook is always bringing up the past whenever she gets the chance to. Those scenes where Young-sook was just laid back and gentle were touching and warm; it really hit you in the heart. It just went to prove that there’s so much more to Young-sook than the power and toughness and meanness. Inside of her, she cares..and the movie did a great job in showing this.


(awwww, look at my Park Jung Min – the guy on the right. I love him so much I was really happy to see him in here. Hehe).

Overall, I would rate ‘Hot Blooded Youth’ an 8 out of 10. I might be a bit biased towards Park Bo Young, but the movie really isn’t that bad. It had its own positive and negative aspects about the movie. It was only when Yong-sook disappeared that Choong-gil realized a how great of a person Young-sook was and how true the phrase ‘you don’t know what you have until it’s gone’ was, but at the same time, this realization helped him face reality and to grow as a better person. Ultimately, ‘Hot Blooded Youth’ teaches you about friendship and sacrifices. That those two things always goes hand in hand; one cannot go without the other.

And also if you guys would like, I can do a recap of this movie for those who doesn’t have time to watch the movie. Just tell me if you guys would like me to do a recap & I’ll try my best. It doesn’t hurt to see Park Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk twice xD

You can watch ‘Hot Blooded Youth’ here with English subs: http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-movie/hot-young-bloods-2014 .

7 responses to “What Mary Thinks: Hot Blooded Youth / Hot Young Bloods”

  1. Thank you for your review! I don´t have much time for movies right now, so I would be more than happy if you find the time to recap it. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  2. Please do a recap, i’m begging you. There are some scenes that I didn’t get and i’m hoping that if ever you will write one, it will enlighten me. Thank you! 🙂

    • Hello :D,

      Oh no! Please don’t beg. You don’t have to beg! I will be doing a recap of this movie some time, just maybe not anytime soon. If I have enough time this weekend to do a recap, I will start on it and hopefully finish it.

      But don’t worry. You will absolutely be getting a recap from me on this movie soon. I hope this is okay with you.

      Thanks for commenting! :DD

  3. Thanks for the review! I’m watching it right now and I had to pause it because I was so confused by So-hee’s character. Specifically because (like you mentioned before) she switched from the harmless, innocent transfer student to 1. having cigarettes in her bag and 2. picking a fight w/ Young-sook. Like wth!! Was she always this fierce and was hiding it before? Much confusion …

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