What’s Up Wednesday: Your K-Pop Story?

Soooooo I know I haven’t been posting about K-Pop lately so I decided that today we shall talk about K-Pop since this blog is feeling a bit K-Pop deprived?

Today’s question for ‘What’s Up Wednesday’ is just simply to share when and how you got into K-Pop….so you’re basically going to tell your K-Pop story!

I love this question, because I think every fan’s K-Pop story is different and totally hilarious I love reading how they got into K-Pop…especially considering the fact that K-Pop doesn’t necessarily suit everyone’s tastes and can be looked at weirdly. So all K-Pop lovers out there, when and how did you get into K-Pop?

My K-Pop story begins with the video posted above. It’s a collaboration between DBSK (when they were five back then of course) and their labelmates Super Junior called ‘Show Me Your Love.’ I remember I was fairly young back then (like around 9 years old) and was watching this music video on my TV. I had already knew who DBSK and Super Junior was, but this music video really solidified my love for K-Pop and was what converted me into a K-Pop fan all day every day (Siwon played a huge role in this as well as he was my bias in Super Junior back then). Of course back when this MV was released, I didn’t know there was a term for this genre of music (unlike today where everyone is mostly familiar with the term ‘K-Pop’) back then so I just continued to spazz over DBSK and Super Junior and many other groups like Shinhwa, BoA, SS501, Chae Yeon, Lee Hyori, etc. And then from there, I got into other groups like Big Bang, U-kiss, and all them other good boy groups. Haha. Y’all fangirls know what I’m talking about! *winkwink* I really liked SMTOWN and their collaborations too like ‘Let’s Go On a Trip’ and ‘Red Sun.’ Omg, now that I’m talking about SM Town and Super Junior’s in SM, I especially loved ‘Miracle.’ That song was my jam! I remembered watching it on my TV every single day because it was my favorite. Keke. Although I’m sad, because many things have changed (many things like the separation of DBSK and group changes of Super Junior), these old MVs remind me of the reason as to why I originally fell in love with K-Pop and I will forever be grateful to these groups like DBSK and Super Junior who helped paved my way into becoming a K-Pop fan. I admit, my K-Pop story is boring, mainly because I don’t really remember exactly how I got into K-Pop because I didn’t think I was gonna be into K-Pop to this day honestly, but I do remember the lectures from my parents who warned me to stay away from K-Pop because it’ll serve as a huge distraction (and it kind of did honestly, but I got better at controlling myself over the years). Basically, I got into K-Pop at a fairly young age and I’m just grateful for all the happiness, joy, smiles, laughter, and tears that I got from it.

So to my readers, how and when did you guys get into K-Pop?! I’m really curious as to how you guys got into K-Pop. Comment down below and share your stories! (:

One response to “What’s Up Wednesday: Your K-Pop Story?”

  1. hey Mary!

    haha just looking at Yunho, Max, Siwon, and some other members, you can see the evolution of SUJU and DBSK. XP Their fashion styles changed so muchhhhhhh over the years!

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