Turn It Up Tuesday: Eddy Kim’s ‘Slow Dance’

So I haven’t been doing my ‘Turn It Up Tuesday’ editions for the past few weeks, but I just had to do one for today because I found a song that I really really really like and one which I think you will really like too.

So if you don’t know who Eddy Kim (I didn’t know who he was at first either), he is the newest artist to debut from Mystic89 which also houses other artists and groups like Togeworl (solo artist Lim Kim is in this group), Yong Joon-shin, Park Ji-yoon, Hareem, etc. Eddy was also in the Top 6 of Superstar K4 (wooahhh, impressive) and finally released his debut mini-album ‘The Manual’ on April 11, 2014.

Out of all the songs on ‘The Manual’, my absolute favorite would have to be ‘Slow Dance.’ I like listening to songs of random artists and groups I don’t even know about or aren’t a fan of just to see what their works sound like and I’m loving what Eddy Kim has to offer so far. Granted, his first mini-album sounds nice and refreshing. It’s all acoustic and is somehow associated with his guitar, but Eddy loves playing the guitar and is a guitarist. Other than being a great guitarist, he also sings very well. That voice though! ‘Slow Dance’ is so sexy and enjoyable. It’s simple and smooth, very delicate and calm and I love that about the song. I really recommend you give this song a listen; you will for sure regret it if you don’t. Remember, I rarely do ‘Turn It Up Tuesdays’ anymore and I’m actually supposed to be writing my English essay right now, but I rather talk to you guys and recommend you guys to listen to Eddy Kim’s ‘Slow Dance’ so please please please, give this song a try and listen to it. You will like it! (I think).

So that’s it for this week’s edition of ‘Turn It Up Tuesday.’ I hope you would have played that video by the time you’re reading this. Keke.

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