What Mary Thinks: A Witch’s Romance….is a must-watch!


So if you haven’t been catching up with my last few posts, I’ve been expressing interest in new Korean drama ‘A Witch’s Romance’ starring Uhm Jung-hwa and Park Seo-joon who to both I am not a big fan of. The very first episode to the drama aired yesterday on April 14th and….I really like it.

‘A Witch’s Romance’ is such a breath of fresh air. It’s funny, it’s cheesy, it’s hilarious, it’s witty, it’s dumb, it’s random, but that’s what I love about this drama! I mean, where in the first episode of any drama do you see a reporter dressed up in a student uniform riding a bike down a busy street filled with cars honking at it followed by a running (and skinny at that) Santa Claus demanding the reporter to stop? LIKE WHERE IN THE WORLD DO YOU SEE THAT?! Oh yeah, that’s right. None other than in ‘A Witch’s Romance’ which is what the first episode did ultimately show which is why I love it!


‘A Witch’s Romance’ is a remake of the popular Taiwanese drama ‘My Queen’ starring Ethan Ruan (who I love love love by the way) so many might have been iffy on the drama, but so far it’s so good (of course, I’ve only seen the first episode, but it looks promising). Uhm Jung-hwa plays Ban Ji Yeon, a reporter for the Trouble Maker Magazine (I know, I know. They would name it Trouble Maker. Haha). She’s so passionate about her job as a reporter she’s termed as a ‘witch’ at her work place. Meanwhile, Park Seo-joon plays Yoon Dong-ha who does whatever he can to get some money, which may range from acting as a Santa Claus to being a security guard for a famous celebrity. Then our second male lead is Han Jae-suk who plays No Shi-hoon, known to be Ji Yeon’s ex-boyfriend (uh-oh, this isn’t good). Our second female lead is Jung Yeon-joo who plays Jung Eun-chae and I believe she works in the same company as Ji Yeon and also dislikes Ji Yeon (but who at the Trouble Maker Magazine office company doesn’t hate Ji Yeon? Everyone, except for maybe their boss, loathes Ji Yeon at this point in the drama). The drama will ultimately showcase Ji Yeon and Dong-ha’s love story….which shall be interesting (also, she’s 39 years old while he’s 25 so this makes for a Noona Romance story which some of us enjoy right?).


I felt like the first episode did a great job in introducing our two main characters Ji Yeon and Dong-ha. We learn in the first episode that Ji Yeon is a single employed woman who suffered some kind of incident in the past regarding her boyfriend that made Ji Yeon NOT want to fall in love ever again. Dong-ha is also a single man who’s just trying to support himself and to make a living, hence all the errands he runs and him taking any position that is needed or requested. All of this we already get a glimpse of in the first very episode and I love that we aren’t confused as to what our characters do for a living or remain puzzled over why Ji Yeon is acting the way she is. It gets a little bit easier for us viewers to understand and sympathize when the character development progresses later on in the drama because then we remember their reasons and incentives for acting a certain way and we don’t feel all left out and excluded. It’s just easier on us viewers.


Honestly, before I watched the first episode, I wasn’t a fan of Uhm Jung-hwa nor Park Seo-joon and have never watched any of their works before. But coming into the first episode, within the first twenty minutes, I was already loving Uhm Jung-hwa. I think she plays Ban Ji Yeon in such a really funky and cool way. She’s charismatic, passionate, determined, and committed to her job as a reporter, going to whatever lengths to get a snapshot of the scandal surrounding the hottest celebrity in South Korea. She’s also really careless about what others think about her. She dances in her apartment with loud music playing, careless about what her neighbors might think and does whatever she can to relieve herself. But at the end of the day, the passionate and strong Ji Yeon that we see in the company building breaks down into this weak and vulnerable lady who has changed because of this fear of love. I love how complex Ji Yeon is as a character; she’s just really cool. As for Park Seo-joon, he’s a cutie. A total cutie. And a good kisser too (A REALLY GOOD KISSER. OMG). He’s not a bad actor, but I think he could loosen up a little bit. Maybe it’s just the first episode and he’s still trying to immerse himself as Dong-ha that he’s struggling a bit right now compared to Uhm Jung-hwa who’s doing a fabulous job as Ji Yeon, but I hope to see Park Seo-joon go all out for this drama. I can feel him holding back a little bit right now as witnessed in episode one, but I think if he lets Dong-ha sink in to him, he can play a very good Dong-ha because Park Seo-joon has good acting skills and can improve. I think by the end of this drama, I will become fans of Uhm Jung-hwa and Park Seo-joon and I’m hoping that’s what happens. *fingerscrossed*


Oh Yoon Hyun-min, what am I going to do with you?! I just can’t. Everywhere I go, you follow. LOL. Yes, everyone. I was surprised too. The Yoon Hyun-min we all know as Soo in Cruel City is now acting in ‘A Witch’s Romance.’ (I bet you’re gonna go watch it now huh?). This might be great news to everyone, but this isn’t even the best part yet. BETTER YET, HE’S BEST FRIENDS WITH PARK SEO-JOON’S CHARACTER DONG-HA. LIKE DID SOMEONE TALK ABOUT BROMANCE?! As much as this drama is about the romance, I am all in for the bromance. Yoon Hyun-min and Park Seo-joon?! WHAT?! TOGETHER ON ONE SCREEN?! PLS. What did we do to deserve this kind of delicious eye candy? Apparently, Yoon Hyun-min was a last minute addition to the drama after the end of his last drama ‘Inspiring Generation’ so he now is in ‘A Witch’s Romance’ and plays Dong-ha’s best friend. Ugh. I can’t believe he was the same person that acted as Soo in Cruel City. They’re just two totally different and opposite characters played by the same talented actor. I really love how Yoon Hyun-min is expanding in the type of characters he plays. He just doesn’t stick to one thing and that’s awesome (although I love his badassery in Cruel City. That type of Yoon Hyun-min I can watch forevvarrrr). Apparently, the PD of Cruel City is also the same PD as ‘A Witch’s Romance’ so Yoon Hyun-min is reuniting with the same PD. HOW AWESOME IS THAT. Because I don’t want to spoil anything right now, I won’t express my thoughts on Yoon Hyun-min’s character Soo-chul.


Because I loved the first episode of ‘A Witch’s Romance’ so so so so so much, I think you can be expecting this drama to be my next recapping project. I love it a lot and I would like for you guys to be exposed to the same amount of joy and happiness that this drama gives me so expect recaps for this drama some time this week.

OT: I watched ‘Hwayi’ and ‘The Face Reader’ this weekend and was planning to do a movie review of both movies, but I lost interest in both movies easily so I don’t think I’m going to do any reviews. Sorry.

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  1. Oh! You’re a fan of Yoon Hyun Min? I love him too. I really like his character in Discovery of love. If you haven’t watched it pls do so! He’s adorable in it.

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