A Witch’s Romance: Episode 1 Recap

So here it is! The recap to the very first episode of the new Korean drama ‘A Witch’s Romance’ starring Uhm Jung-hwa and Park Seo-joon is finally here. A few posts back, I wrote a ‘What Mary Thinks’ thread about this drama and expressed my love and interest for it so here I am with recaps! It’s been a while since my last recapping project so if I sound a bit funny or weird, I apologize ahead of time (Recapping is something I’m gonna have to get used too). Are you guys ready to embark on this wild journey of ‘A Witch’s Romance’ with me?! I hope so. I don’t want to be alone, ya know?


In case you aren’t familiar with the story line and plot, ‘A Witch’s Romance’ will depict the love story and relationship between our two main characters Ban Ji Yeon (played by Uhm Jung-hwa) and Yoon Dong-ha (played by Park Seo-joon). Ban Ji Yeon, known as a ‘witch’ because she’s harsh, cruel, and mean at her workplace, is a 39-year old passionate and determined reporter who everyone at her workplace hates. But despite the strong and tough appearance she puts on, she is weak when it comes to love because of an incident that occurred with her ex-boyfriend a few years back that’s caused her to change her perspective on love. Yoon Dong-ha is a 25 year old man who runs an errand center with his friend. He struggles to make a living for himself by working multiple part-time shifts which may range from acting as a Santa Claus to a security guard of a famous celebrity. He also is scared to be in love because of an incident that happened to his ex-girlfriend who he dearly loved. Together, Ji Yeon and Dong-ha will cross paths with each other and form a love that might blossom and bloom; they will create a potential relationship that will be in the making…but that’s only if Ji Yeon doesn’t stress out too much about their 14 year age difference. (;

Okay. Enough of explaining to you guys about the plot and off on the recap. LET’S GO! 😀

Also, the pictures will be extremely of low quality, but I hope this doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the recap or drama (unless of course it’s the ones with Park Seo-joon and Yoon Hyun Min being on the same screen. Then you can vent and complain). I hope you guys understand and enjoy. Thanks!^^


It’s March 14th and we get a glimpse of what the daily life of citizens in South Korea is like. While the drama focuses in on this, we hear radio talk show host Choi Hwa Jung talking in the background about White Day and the possibility that the millions of single women in the country can find someone to love on this very day. She then goes on to give advice to the men: On a day like this, never, never make a woman angry. Haha. Now isn’t that some very wise advice? Our radio DJ then ends her talk by playing a song by SPICA which also happens to be an OST track for this drama called ‘Witch’s Diary’ to which you can listen to it here.

We then focus on a busy street full of cars and what looks like a student riding on a bike being chased by a…Santa Claus? Yeah, I know. I couldn’t believe it at first either.


Despite Santa Claus yelling multiple times for the person on the bicycle to stop, she ignores him and continues to rides the bicycle. That’s when we are introduced to our female lead in the drama, Ban Ji Yeon. A voice over speaks, “For the past 39 years, I sprinted while just looking ahead. I came here without losing the lead even once. But now that I look back, a man who’s following me…is a spring Santa Claus who doesn’t even exist in reality.” HAHA. Santa Claus continues to screech and yell at the woman, but she refuses too, even laughing over how there can be a Santa Claus in the month of March. Ji Yeon is determined and she won’t stop…until she has to because she seems to be going face to face with another vehicle.

But before we can see the outcome, we go back in time three hours before Ji Yeon was being chased by Santa Claus. We see Ji Yeon in her apartment preparing herself by putting on a student uniform (not to forget with green sweatpants under her skirt) and some make-up. We then see why she not only has herself dressed up as a young student, but also her sidekick Young-shik – because they’re going to go undercover to get the latest details on the hottest actor in South Korea at a high school.


They walk on the school campus like badasses, papers flying everywhere around them while they are unaffected by the harsh wind blowing at them. But this badassery only goes on for so long until Young-shik gets smacked by a piece of paper right in the face. Haha.


They discuss over their uniforms and outfits before heading inside the school to get some scoops on the famous actor, Kim Jeong Do. Kim Jeong Do is the nation’s hottest actor who doesn’t possess any antis, and even reigns above Yoo Jae Suk (OMG. NO WAY. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!). He is known for being very respectful and humble, helping out at charity events and being a great husband. He was even voted as number one man that grandmas want to live with. HAHA.


We learn that he’s giving a special lecture at Jaeil High School so that’s the reason as to why Ji Yeon and her sidekick photographer has come to the high school dressed in their old school uniforms. This shall be interesting shouldn’t it? We also learn that he came to Jaeil High School in particular because his “wife” (they aren’t legally married) is a teacher there. And that they have a secret child. So Ji Yeon and her sidekick are here to get some dishes and scoops on this scandal.

In the next scene, we see the ridiculously good-looking Yoon freaking Hyun freaking Min in a really nice suit surrounded by kids at a gym. It turns out that he’s there with his friend, Yoon Dong-ha, to instruct the kids on self-defense. The security guard of the school also happens to be there in the gym and takes away a few moves from Dong-ha and Soo-chul (played by Park Hyun Min).


(I MEAN. COME ON. LOOK AT THIS. WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THIS EYE CANDY?! I don’t know, but damn, I sure am appreciating it. They are both soooo so good-looking. Just kill me already. Okay, no, I was just kidding. I still have to finish this recap for you guys).

While Dong-ha is instructing, he decides to demonstrate a move on Soo-chul, but when Soo-chul flickers and freaks out, Dong-ha stops at the last minute and ends up not performing his act on Soo-chul. Why? Because they’re best friends. (Can I get an ‘awwwwwwww’? Haha).

Dong-ha and Soo-chul finish their lesson and head to the front of the school to exit only to be approached by the security guard who thanks them for their life-changing and helpful lesson. While the guard is distracted, this paves the way for Ji Yeon and her sidekick to secretly enter inside the school campus without the guard knowing anything.


The two of them end up climbing roofs and buildings to get to the perfect location to snap some pictures of actor Kim Jeong Do reuniting with his wife and daughter inside of a classroom. When their daughter leaves the classroom and only Kim Jeong Do and his wife are alone in the classroom, they discuss over their personal matters and their daughter Yoon-ji who is unable to tell any of her friends that Kim Jeong Do is her father. The conversation slowly gets heated until Kim Jeong Do comes up with a solution that would be best for the three of them.


Once he ends his conversation with his wife, he walks out of the classroom but ends up smacking his secretary in the face, enraged over how she threatened him by utilizing their daughter.  His secretary assures Kim Jeong Do that something like this will never happen again.

Meanwhile, Ji Yeon and her sidekick are busy looking over the pictures that he took. She praises his photography skills because the pictures are turning out miiiighty good. Just when they thought their day was going good, a confrontation with the school’s security guard ruins all of that. He meets the two on the roof and questions who they are and their reasons for being at the school. When Ji Yeon answers that they’re students, the security guard adds, “If you’re a student, then I’m G-dragon.” HAHAHHAHA. Best comeback ever. The guard ends up chasing the duo all the way to the front of the school, but the gates are closed because of Kim Jeong Do’s visit. Ji Yeon’s sidekick decides to hold the guard back so that Ji Yeon can escape so while she’s climbing over the gate, Young-shik is getting all beatened up by the guard. Why? Because the guard recalls the moves that Dong-ha instructed about earlier that day and utilizes it on Ji Yeon’s sidekick (poor Young-shik, haha). Ji Yeon manages to escape and runs away to return to her work place so that she can attend her meeting at her workplace that will be taking place in a few hours.

There’s a small carnival going on and Dong-ha has been hired to play Santa Claus (a skinny Santa Claus at that). Meanwhile, Ji Yeon is still running and tries to grab a taxi, but is unsuccessful in doing so. Before she went off calling for taxi cabs though, she had called two of her Hoobaes back at the work place to get some things prepared for the meeting. Those Hoobaes and another employee are the ones that call Ji Yeon a witch, because well, she is like one to them. They completely despise Ji Yeon and dislike her. Ugh.

Ji Yeon cannot find any transportation so she has no choice but to steal. She arrives at the carnival that Dong-ha is at as Santa Claus and right when he’s about to give away a bicycle to one of the kids, she steals it from the kid so that she can get back to her workplace. And that’s exactly how in the beginning of the episode, we saw Ji Yeon on a bike with a random Santa Claus running after her demanding that she stops.


Ji Yeon runs close to hitting a truck, but swerves right in time to not get hit. All this time, you still have Santa Claus running in his suit chasing Ji Yeon (talk about persistence, eh?). The chase goes on for a few more minutes until Ji Yeon arrives safely at her office building and escapes from Dong-ha’s grasp.

The meeting is about to start and the three employees that dislike Ji Yeon are complaining over how she hasn’t arrived yet. But right at that moment, Ji Yeon comes running into the office and declares that she has evidence to Kim Jeong Do’s affair scandal. Everyone else is in shock not only at what she’s wearing, but also at the fact that she has pictures of Kim Jeong Do’s scandal. It’s unbelievable.


She shows the pictures that her sidekick, Young-shik, took of Kim Jeong Do and his secret family to those at the meeting. They are doubtful about this and aren’t exactly sure if they would want to ruin Kim Jeong Do’s reputation, but Ji Yeon shows no mercy. She reveals that Kim Jeong Do had a secret meeting with National Assemblyman Park ll Do and plans to become Prime Minister (so he wants to go from actor to Prime Minister? Okay. That sounds possible doesn’t it? I think Lee Bum Soo can do the same thing). Ji Yeon plans to reveal the truth about his hidden wife and daughter to everyone through Trouble Maker Magazine (the name of the magazine she works for). Their boss is highly impressed with Ji Yeon’s work and gives her the privilege of publishing her article as the main article in the magazine. Once he leaves, Ji Yeon starts to give the three employees different errands to do for her which shows us why again they all call Ji Yeon a witch. Haha.

Ji Yeon changes her outfit to relax when she is informed that Santa Claus is waiting outside in the lobby for her. When she arrives at the lobby, we see Santa Claus with the same group of kids that were at the carnival.


She takes the bike with her when she meets Santa Claus and the kids and immediately gets labeled as a thief.  Not only that, the kids label her as a bad Ahjumma and when Ji Yeon states that she’s not one, they all claim that she looks older than their sister so therefore she is an Ahjumma. Hahaha

Santa Claus came to visit her because he would like for her to compensate so Ji Yeon hands him her business card and asks that he contact her after he has gathered all the receipts. He also adds that Ji Yeon should apologize to the kids. She quickly apologizes without any sincerity which pisses Dong-ha or Santa Claus off even more so he continues to hold her back until she apologizes with genuine feelings. But Ji Yeon grows mad and explains to the kids that there is no such thing as Santa Claus, quickly crushing the kids’s dreams and beliefs. She exposes Dong-ha and states that he was paid to act as Santa Claus, making things worse for both the kids and Dong-ha. Right when Ji Yeon is about to return back to her office, Dong-ha holds her back and scolds her: “Those are children who call a nun their mother in place of their parents. They came to Seoul for the first time to see the Santa they wanted to see and to get the presents they wanted. Today was a special day for them to feel that they weren’t abandoned and that they were loved. But you ruined that.” But Ji Yeon defends herself and stands her ground: “If they don’t have any parents, then they ought to learn faster.” Oof, that hurts. All Ji Yeon wanted was for the kids to realize that there isn’t a Santa Claus. So Dong-ha argues back: “What about a witch? I saw a witch today.” But the statement holds no truth; Ji Yeon claims that she herself is not a witch just like how Dong-ha isn’t Santa Claus. Yep. That hurts too. Ouch.


(Awwww look at these kids. Aren’t they all so adorable?!).

When Ji Yeon returns to the office, she overhears those 3 employees that dislike her calling her ‘Witch’ and teasing her for the student uniform outfit that she wore earlier that day. They also believe that she won’t get married, because who would ever like a witch like her?


Infuriated, she goes up to them and gives them tasks to do since she knows that there are going to be many misunderstandings and wanted clarifications regarding her article about Kim Jeong Do’s scandal.

Dong-ha is bidding farewell to the kids as they board the bus to go back home. The chaperone reveals to Dong-ha that she will be unable to pay him since he was unsuccessful in his job as Santa Claus. The bus then leaves after Dong-ha gets scolded and we find out that Dong-ha will not be able to live in his apartment as he is behind on paying the rent. Poor Dong-ha. Nothing’s going right for you.

Ji Yeon returns home and receives one voice mail from her mother. Her mother is urgent for Ji Yeon to get married so she’s planning to invest her time and money on a skilled shaman who can determine when Ji Yeon is going to get married. Ji Yeon’s mother is bitter about her daughter’s ex-boyfriend who ran away on the day of his wedding with Ji Yeon. She glances over at a picture of a white polar bear which I’m assuming is somehow correlated to her ex-boyfriend.

Dong-ha calls his friend, Soo-chul, and asks if he can live with him for a while until he’s able to pay for his rent. He blames Ji Yeon for not being able to pay her rent and believes that she’s bad luck.


We return back to Ji Yeon who’s now dancing in her apartment to SPICA’s ‘You Don’t Love Me.’ (seems like this drama is all about SPICA huh? Hehe). Soo-chul complains to Dong-ha who he is on the phone with that the woman living next door to him is playing loud music again and dancing her butt off (OMG. SO SOO-CHUL AND JI YEON MUST BE NEIGHBORS…AND DONG-HA’S PLANNING TO LIVE WITH SOO-CHUL. This is totally a Korean drama). When she finishes letting out her feelings and suffocation, Ji Yeon knocks out.

In the next scene, we see Ji Yeon on the couch resting while watching the news on TV. She hears the anchorman who also happens to be Dong-ha talking about loneliness and how people can die from being too lonely. Then she hears the anchorman talking about her in particular and how the police was able to find her dead body inside of her apartment because she was too lonely. Her house is then invaded by investigators and others who are examining her dead body. All of this is witnessed and seen by Ji Yeon who’s obviously freaking out. She’s just on her couch crouching and looking around like why am I dead and what is going on?! Ahaha.


Anchorman Dong-ha is now at the scene and even points out that Ji Yeon’s fish died because it had no one to interact with. LOL. Okay, now that’s sad. He exits out of the TV and teases Ji Yeon for being a witch. Okay, now that’s mean. He adds that just because she’s a witch, it does not mean that she can escape reality (aka, she’s lonely but doesn’t want to accept that fact).

When she wakes up from her nightmare, she immediately checks on her fish who is actually dead. She questions whether it died from being too lonely and grows sad afterwards. She checks on her calendar and notices that the date is March 15. March 15 would have been the date to Ji Yeon and her ex-boyfriend’s wedding anniversary if he hadn’t run away from her. Ji Yeon takes the dead fish out of its tank and apologizes.


Meanwhile, Ji Yeon’s Mom is meeting the Shaman that she claims will help Ji Yeon get married. The shaman (played by Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha) smacks Ji Yeon’s Mom on the shoulder with a stick (which made me laugh because that’s the first thing we see from Narsha in her very first scene in the drama). She criticizes Ji Yeon and says harsh things about her to her mother. It seems like Ji Yeon doesn’t have a bright future awaiting her. But what the Shaman does acknowledge is the fact that Ji Yeon has skills to which Mom expands on that idea:  Ji Yeon is not just any kind of magazine reporter – she’s that reporter that is able to put out interesting and impressive exclusive stories. That’s when we see Troublemaker Magazines being read and bought by many people, and being informed about Kim Jeong Do’s scandal. While all of this is happening, Ji Yeon happily gushes over the fact that many people are reading something that she worked really hard on. We return to Mom and Shaman Narsha who reveals that it’s not marriage that is a problem for Ji Yeon, it’s the fact that many people are holding a grudge on her and are waiting for the opportune moment to betray Ji Yeon.

That’s when we focus in on Soo-chul (ugh Yoon Hyun Min seriously. Stop. Being so good-looking) who’s in a meeting with the 3 employees that dislike Ji Yeon. The 3 are teaming up with Soo-chul to pull off a revenge scheme on Ji Yeon. They plan to embarrass Ji Yeon by hiring Soo-chul to serenade her only to be fooled in the end because Soo-chul actually doesn’t have a thing for Ji Yeon (omg, that’s so cruel). Soo-chul memorizes articles that Ji Yeon wrote in the past so that he can impress her and is confident in capturing Ji Yeon’s heart. But he also gets warned that Ji Yeon isn’t just any kind of woman so he must not get caught. We shall see how successful this mission goes right?^^

Later on that night, Ji Yeon and her employees hang out at a bar for successfully publishing an article on Kim Jeong Do’s scandal (which I’m guessing is a huuuggeee accomplishment). When Ji Yeon receives a drink that she did not buy herself, she finds out that Soo-chul, who happens to be in the same bar as Ji Yeon, had bought the drink for her. However, unlike what they were expecting, Ji Yeon refuses to take the drink and sends it back.


So Soo-chul has no choice but to go up to Ji Yeon himself and introduce himself since the first plan didn’t work. He ends up sitting with them and recites the articles that Ji Yeon wrote in the past to impress her. He even acknowledges the article that she wrote that gained recognition and popularity: the article on Kim Jeong Do’s scandal and affair. This causes Ji Yeon to break her walls down a little bit more and to open up. She shakes his hand when he offers her a hand shake and can’t seem to fathom over how a handsome man like Soo-chul would approach her. But a sudden phone call interrupts the exciting moment and Soo-chul goes to answer the phone call.

Soo-chul explains to Dong-ha on the phone that he got this amazing job (which is to play and fool around with Ji Yeon’s heart. Yeah, that’s a totally cool job /sarcasm). Soo-chul returns to join Ji Yeon and her group of employees where he hands her a business card so that they can continue to contact each other in the future. Once he leaves, all the employees feign happiness and compliments Ji Yeon for being able to attract a much younger guy. Ji Yeon easily believes in their praise and isn’t aware yet that they’re lying to her. She excuses herself to go to the restroom.

While Ji Yeon spazzes over herself in the bathroom, Dong-ha meets Soo-chul at the same bar that Ji Yeon is in. Soo-chul explains to Dong-ha what he got hired for and tries to explain to Dong-ha that Ji Yeon’s employees are just playing a joke on Ji Yeon, but Dong-ha doesn’t understand. “For a lot of people to play a joke on a single person isn’t a joke, it’s violence.” Yes yes Dong-ha, you are absolutely correct.

When Ji Yeon exits out of the bathroom, Soo-chul uses this as the opportunity to show Dong-ha the woman he’s playing around with. Dong-ha immediately turns around once he glances at Ji Yeon, surprised and a bit bothered. Like, what?! Out of all women, this girl?! Hahaha.


The host of the bar is willing to give away a free wine bottle to any person who is brave enough to confess to the person they like in front of everyone in the bar. Although Dong-ha tries to hold Soo-chul back from “confessing”, Soo-chul decides to do it anyways and goes up to the front of the stage with Ji Yeon by his side. He says a few lovey dovey words to her and starts his “confession” only to end it by asking her to close her eyes.


Ji Yeon believes in all that Soo-chul is telling her and closes her eyes like how he had asked. She thinks that Soo-chul possesses genuine feelings for her so her mindset about love and that date March 15 that only brings back horrible memories changes. As Soo-chul leans in for a kiss, she thinks to herself, “Today is March 15. Starting six years ago, March 15th has always been my life’s bad day. But starting today, that might change.”


Soo-chul is so close to kissing Ji Yeon, but at the very last second, backs out and tells Ji Yeon right in front of everyone, with the freaking microphone that looking at Ji Yeon close up, she looks like a total Ahjumma (GASP. HOW RUDE. YOU SHOULD GO REFLECT ON WHAT YOU JUST SAID RIGHT NOW SOO-CHUL. I AM EXTREMELY MAD AT YOU FOR BEING SUCH A JERK). He exits the stage laughing and returns to the employees who are all laughing along with him.

So now Ji Yeon is left alone on the stage, hurt, broken, embarrassed, ridiculed, and humiliated. A voice over speaks, “Today is March 15. In my life, March 15 is always a nightmare.” But just when it seems like things are going bad, something amazing happens. We see legs marching towards Ji Yeon and hear footsteps approaching her.

This person is none other than Dong-ha who joins Ji Yeon on stage. He grabs her shoulder and faces her, saying, “You’re such a strange women. If I stay with you, I keep on getting in trouble.” Then, then then then then, he places both of his hands on her head and leans in for a kiss. But it’s not a Soo-chul fake kiss, it’s an actual real kiss this time! OMGGGEEEEEEEEE. You have got to be kidding me. A kiss in the first episode already?! (Okay, I totally didn’t mean to make that rhyme but it just happened to. Haha).

While Dong-ha and Ji Yeon are kissing, Ji Yeon thinks to herself, “Today is March 15. Is this really a nightmare?” (NO IT’S NOT BECAUSE YOU’RE KISSING DONG FREAKING HA!).


The episode ends with Ji Yeon and Dong-ha kissing each other in front of everyone at the bar. Hmph, what about that now you Ji Yeon haters?! IN YO FACE. /excuse me for my immaturity

My Thoughts:

I love how we viewers were already given a kissing scene between our two main leads in the very first episode already. But I love that. It especially helps that Park Seo-joon is an extremely good kisser too. Phew! *fansmyself*

I already said everything I thought about the first episode in my latest ‘What Mary Thinks’ thread, so I’m not so sure what to right here. Haha. I guess if you want, you can refer to that post and just read it.

I really love how complex of a character Ji Yeon is. I absolutely love it. I love how weak and vulnerable she is when it comes to love because it’s such a drastic change from her appearance when she’s in front of her Hoobaes. Like this woman that is known to be a cruel and harsh witch is a weak person? Granted, everyone has weaknesses and strengths, but because Ji Yeon puts on this strong and tough facade, it doesn’t occur to many that she’s weak, but she is and I love that. I know that when her ex-boyfriend returns, in which he will, many problems are going to arise  and many misunderstandings will have to be cleared. The thing I’m most curious about is whether Ji Yeon will still have feelings of resentment, anger, and hate towards her ex-boyfriend when they meet again or whether she won’t because she has already learned to move on and forgive him? I really yearn to see what her reaction to meeting her ex-boyfriend will be like, because I think it’ll show a lot about her character and will illuminate the type of person she truly is. Will she act tough in front of her ex-boyfriend like how she acts tough in front of others or will she fall prey to him and try to gain back what they lost within the past six years? Ugh, I’m digging deeper in this than I should really. Lol.

Park Seo Joon is a total cutie. And I love his bromance with Yoon Hyun Min. I can’t wait to see them more together on screen because they look so good together. It helps my eyes a lot. Although I do wonder if Dong-ha will still see Soo-chul the same way especially after witnessing what he saw in the bar with Soo-chul playing around with Ji Yeon’s heart and mind. That’s what I don’t like about Soo-chul. I didn’t think he was going to actually do something that cruel, but after watching what he was capable of doing in this episode, my impression and opinion of him so far isn’t so good. And if Soo-chul wants to gain my trust again and wants to prove that he’s not a bad person, he’s going to have to do a looooottttttt of things to make up for what he did in the first episode. *frownsatsoochul*

This is off-topic, but as many of you guys know, a ferry or ship carrying 471 passengers sank recently in South Korea. So far, there has been 6 deaths announced, 175 rescued, but 300 are still missing. I am aware that not many of us can do much to help, but we should at least pray for the families and friends of those who are missing a loved one. We should also pray for those who are missing and for better news. I send my condolescenes out to those who have lost a loved one. It is unfortunate that something so tragic has happened, but the most that we can do right now is pray for a better ending to this unfortunate event. Stay strong everyone ❤

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the recaps! I’d like to ask.. what son was it that played in the backgroung while she was at the club episode 1? The part where Soo Chu first approaches her?

    • Hello kdrama fanatic~

      I went back to re-watch the scene you referred to, but I wasn’t sure on what song you were talking about. When I was watching the scene, I just heard a bunch of instrumental songs with no singing. Was the song you were questioning about with or without any singing?

      I apologize if I come off as rude. I’m not sure how to word my question, lol. I apologize if it’s awkward as well.

      Thanks for commenting and reading my recaps! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Oh my! Apologize for the grammatical errors! The slow song that played in the background at the lounge club.


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