A Witch’s Romance: Episode 2 Recap

It’s the second episode and our main couple is already getting to discover each other by A LOT more. I know you’re confused right now, but you will totally understand me by the end of this recap. xD

The first episode ended with Dong-ha and Ji Yeon kissing each other in the bar in front of everybody. After their kiss ends, Dong-ha pulls Ji Yeon in for a warm hug. He apologizes if she feels bad (for which she doesn’t), but explains that it’s better than to be on the stage by herself. Ji Yeon starts to question what had just happened at that moment and whether Dong-ha just lended her his moist lips (YES. YES HE DID).


The host interrupts their short-lived intimate moment and presents them with the wine bottle that was part of the giveaway. “Have a hot night tonight” is what he says when handing them the wine bottle. LOL. Dong-ha walks off the stage with his hand still over Ji Yeon where they both exit out of the bar. But before Ji Yeon completely disappears, she approaches Soo-chul with some harsh words. She notices that he had recited all her works, but wasn’t knowledgeable in what her life creed was: there’s no need to raise your blood pressure with losers. Oooooohhh, take that Soo-chul! (Just kidding, I still love you Yoon Hyun Min).


She also attacks his malicious comment about how she looked like an Ahjumma earlier. To place Soo-chul in her shoes, she states that Soo-chul looks like spinach that has been steamed for half an hour along with bread that’s three months over its expiration date with mold all over it. Not only that, she also adds that Soo-chul looks like things you spit out from cucumber kimchi. That too, he looks like that too. Dong-ha, who is standing behind Ji Yeon the whole time, giggles at her comment (maybe because he believes it’s slightly true too. Nahh, he wouldn’t right?). Ji Yeon leaves Soo-chul hanging at that and exits out of the bar with Dong-ha, arm in arm.

When they exit far enough where no one can observe them, Ji Yeon demands for an explanation as to why Dong-ha did what he did. But Dong-ha argues that he should be the one who’s mad because he didn’t get any money to pay for his rent since Ji Yeon stole the bike. They bicker over the kiss, because it wasn’t like they were lovers or anything. Why would Dong-ha join Ji Yeon on stage and kiss her? To this, Dong-ha replies, “Of course we’re not lovers! I have a thing called taste too you know?” HAHAHA. Why is this response so funny? Ji Yeon blurts out shortly afterwards, “Whatever! I know you enjoyed it!” OOH. Awkward silence. Yep, there’s that short awkward silence between them. Wide eyes and confused looks are exchanged between the couple since there are no words to describe the last line that was just spoken by Ji Yeon.


(I love this face expression!)

Dong-ha scoffs at Ji Yeon’s comment and assumes that his “lip service” was good enough to the point where Ji Yeon must have liked it. Ji Yeon, of course, denies all of this and scoffs at every jab Dong-ha makes. (A typical argument between our two leads. Hehe). She states that she didn’t need any of Dong-ha’s ‘lip service’; she would have still walked down that stage with dignity and pride even after all that had happened to make Soo-chul humiliated. That’s when Dong-ha reveals to Ji Yeon the truth. It was all a plan to humiliate Ji Yeon so that’s when she asks who created the plan. Uh-oh, some people are gonna get in deep deep trouble.

We return to the bar where the 3 employees and Soo-chul are discussing the aftermath. It turns out that the 3 employees want the money they gave to Soo-chul back because he was the one who got humiliated in the end, not Ji Yeon.

When Ji Yeon discovers that it was those 3 employees (Dong-ha described them as colleagues since they work in the same company) who came up with the plan, she grows mad and labels them not as her colleagues, but her rivals. Dong-ha believes that Ji Yeon must have harrassed them so much to the point where they were so fed up that they came up with a ridiculous plan like this (aka, putting the blame on Ji Yeon). Ji Yeon is infuriated over the fact that she’s being victimized and blamed for something that was not her fault.


The anger inside of her slowly builds to the point where she opens up about the situation she was in six years ago on the day of her wedding. She slowly calms down and voices, “Before the wedding, there was a man that suddenly disappeared. The next day was the wedding but the man didn’t come, but still that woman waited. How do you think that woman felt? Are you going to say the same thing to that woman? That she needs to reflect on herself?” Dong-ha believes that the man must have had a reason for disappearing to which Ji Yeon interrupts and yells that she is also curious as to what the reasons are (Dong-ha isn’t aware that Ji Yeon’s talking about herself since she used unspecific terms and didn’t use any specific names). She would like answers as to why those 3 employees were tormenting her and why Dong-ha continues to meddle in other people’s businesses.

Dong-ha offers his reasons and beliefs. He believes that those 3 employees planned this revenge scheme because they didn’t like her, but the reasons as to why he stayed up on that stage with Ji Yeon was because first, he didn’t like the idea of a group of people ganging up on one person, secondly, because Ji Yeon had no one there to help her, and last but not least, is because Ji Yeon probably doesn’t have any friends there to comfort her when she feels miserable and sad so that’s why he went to join her. (Dong-ha really is making Ji Yeon face reality huh?).


(LOL. I LOVE THIS FACE EXPRESSION. Park Seo-joon makes the greatest face expressions ever!).

Ji Yeon doesn’t understand why Dong-ha would say such a thing, because she does have friends! So to prove to Dong-ha that she’s not a lonely person, she pulls out her cell phone with 1,000 contacts. While scrolling down her contact list, she comes upon a woman named Kim Yura which leads us to the next scene. Ji Yeon and Dong-ha are at Yura’s apartment door and rings the door bell. But instead of a friendly greeting, she and Dong-ha is confronted with a bowl of rice that is thrown at their faces. It turns out that this woman that threw the rice at them had been fired by Ji Yeon three years ago. ROFL.


Ji Yeon makes up the excuse that Yura’s in New York so she doesn’t call her in the end, but really, she’s concerned that a situation like the one she just thought of might occur (Yeah, no one wants to get rice thrown at them. Haha).

The next person Ji Yeon refers to is a woman named Jung-sook, who happens to be none other than, yep you guessed it, her mother! While Ji Yeon pretends to act like Jung-sook is a long-time friend of hers, Mom on the other hand is confused and puzzled as to what Ji Yeon is talking about. Ji Yeon is acting so strangely Mom assumes that she’s on drugs or is drunk. LOL. But really Ji Yeon is not.


Ji Yeon tests her mother’s loyalty and asks her that if she was to join Ji Yeon, if she would right now to which her mother says that she absolutely will go to her daughter – that’s what mothers do. But since Mom is recovering from cancer, she should rest instead. The only thing Mom is worried about though is Ji Yeon getting married. She warns Ji Yeon that if she stays alone too much then she’ll go crazy. Ji Yeon quickly ends the conversation though afterwards and explains to Dong-ha, who’s just standing there listening to the conversation, that her friend (really her mom) won’t be able to make it so they head to a friend’s place.


When Ji Yeon and Dong-ha enter the restaurant, she is quickly approached by her friend who shows utmost concern and worry for Ji Yeon and the fact that she hasn’t called for a while now, which proves Dong-ha wrong since Ji Yeon does have a friend that cares about her. Her friend ends up calling out her husband, Min Goo, who unlike his wife isn’t too fond of Ji Yeon.

Ji Yeon goes straight into criticizing the store for its small size and the wacky outfit that her friend is wearing. It seems like Ji Yeon is still pressed and mad over how her friend deceived Ji Yeon in order to marry Min Goo and enter the business with him (so that explains why Ji Yeon’s so mad, haha). Upon hearing this, Dong-ha whispers into Ji Yeon’s ear, “Is she really your friend?” HAHA. Great one Dong-ha, great one. That’s when Ji Yeon’s friend asks about Dong-ha to which he introduces himself. In return, Ji Yeon’s friend does the same thing, “Hello. I’m the only friend Ji Yeon has left, Baek Na Rae. It’s nice to meet you.” LOLOLOL. I love how Ji Yeon was all trying to act like she had so many friends but then within just one statement, it’s all proven wrong. This is too hilarious. Ji Yeon explains that she doesn’t have a special relationship with Dong-ha; “he’s just someone I know from here and there.” Well isn’t that explanation nice? Lol.


They all end up sitting together to catch up with one another. Ji Yeon tastes the dish that Na Rae and Min Goo made for her and even though she says that it’s nothing special, she ends up eating most of it. Haha. Min Goo admits that it was because of Na Rae that he was able to become a successful restaurant owner. Ji Yeon disapproves of the couple and criticizes them (because that’s what she does best). Dong-ha cannot believe someone like her can talk so rudely and points out that she ate most of the fishcake even though she said it didn’t taste good. Haha.

Na Rae brings up the past and talks about that one time in high school when she and Ji Yeon got caught for eating their lunches during class. While Na Rae got punished, Ji Yeon happened to have fainted. Of course this brings back bad memories so Ji Yeon demands for Na Rae to stop talking, but Na Rae doesn’t. She adds that while their teacher was performing CPR on Ji Yeon, a meatball flew out of Ji Yeon’s mouth and ended up hitting their teacher’s forehead. This emits laughter from all four as they recall this sweet and funny memory. Aww, this scene was so heart-warming, seeing all four of them laugh and enjoy being in one another’s presence. Even Dong-ha notices that Ji Yeon is capable of laughing. Haha.


Dong-ha unfortunately has to leave so he bids farewell to Ji Yeon, Na Rae, and Min Goo. Before leaving, he says to Ji Yeon that if it is fated, they shall meet again (in which they willllll).

Dong-ha returns to Soo-chul’s apartment, but Soo-chul doesn’t seem too happy.


(Seriously, who ever thought of letting these two actors work with each other is geniiiuuussssss. So so good-looking I can’t handle this).

Soo-chul questions if the reason as to why Dong-ha’s been gone this long is because he was spending time with Ji Yeon to which Dong-ha replies, “It just happened to be that way.” Sooo basically a yes. Soo-chul is completely enraged and mad over how Dong-ha betrays his best friend. He thinks the reason as to why Dong-ha didn’t come home until late was because he really wanted to be with Ji Yeon, but Dong-ha explains that he just took Ji Yeon to her friend’s place. Plus, Soo-chul brought this problem onto himself. He was the one who decided to put on an act and play around with Ji Yeon.


(LOLOL. This pose though! I wonder how many takes it took for them to complete this scene. Haha).

Soo-chul also brings up the comment about him looking like a spinach that’s been steamed for half an hour. There’s no possible way he looks like that right? But nope. Best Friends are always honest with each other. Dong-ha believes that that statement holds some truth. Hahaha.

In the next scene, we catch a glimpse of Dong-ha observing a wilted and dead plant. He waters it even though it’s obvious that it’s stopped growing and will never grow again. But he can’t let go of this plant due to its history and the memories that it holds. In a flashback, we see Dong-ha holding his girlfriend in his arms while she’s holding onto the plant that Dong-ha was taking care of before the flashback. They discuss about the plant and its possibility of dying, but Dong-ha reassures his girlfriend that he will save it.



We return to the present where Dong-ha is all by himself and now holding the plant. He’s been watering and watching over it every day, but it still didn’t come back to life. He remains sad over the fact that he hasn’t been able to keep his promise to his past girlfriend.

The drama focuses in on Ji Yeon who goes to get some rest. While laying in bed, she checks the time and date and notices that it is now March 16. “This year passed, too,” she voices before sighing and going to sleep.

The next day at work, Ji Yeon is approached by Young-shik (who by the way is wearing a neck brace for getting beatened up by the school security guard in the first episode. Haha) who tries to prove himself innocent. He also asks about the guy who kissed Ji Yeon the night before since his kiss was ‘killer’ (yes, yes it was!). But Ji Yeon quickly shuts Young-shik down and refuses to tell him anything personal.


They walk together to their office where Ji Yeon is then reminded of how the 3 employees had tried to humiliate her. She indirectly asks for an apology, but the 3 employees remain ignorant. She reveals to them that she knows what they did and will forgive them, but only if they sincerely apologize within 24 hours. (With this, Young-shik tells them that they only have 10 hours left. Haha).

In the next scene, we see Kim Jeong-do enraged after looking over the newspaper filled with articles and stories about his affair and scandal. He secretly meets with his “wife” again and asks if she was the one that made Ji Yeon write the article since Ji Yeon is her Hoobae, but his wife quickly denies the accusation because they haven’t met since elementary school. Kim Jeong-do then pulls out a ticket and hands it to his wife. The only solution they have right now to clean up the mess is for them to leave the country. His wife and daughter will leave first, then Kim Jeong-do will afterwards.

To clarify what Trouble Maker Magazine wrote about regarding his scandal, Kim Jeong-do appears on television news to explain himself. He reassures everyone that nothing that Trouble Maker Magazine wrote is true or accurate and asks for the magazine who reported this to take responsibility legally. Of course this makes Ji Yeon mad because she was the one who wrote the article about his scandal in the first place. While she leaves the office, many calls pour in to the Trouble Maker Magazine office asking for explanations. Their boss enters the scene and notices just how busy everyone is, but he isn’t mad over how Kim Jeong-do is planning to sue them. Instead, he is happy because that can only mean that there is lots and lots of money to be made from all of this. Haha.

The location that Ji Yeon went to was Kim Jeong-do’s wife’s house, but no matter how many times she yells out her name, no one answers Ji Yeon, leaving her bewildered and frustrated.


In the next scene, we see Dong-ha and Soo-chul exchanging a conversation on the phone. Soo-chul is annoyed by how the 3 employees keep on asking for a refund from him so he believes that maybe Dong-ha having a connection with the ‘witch-like woman’ can help straighten things out. But Dong-ha doesn’t want any involvement in this; he leaves his Hyung to figure things out himself.

In their office, the 3 employees discuss over how they’re going to get the money they paid Soo-chul back. They decide that if Soo-chul doesn’t give back their money, they’re going to write an article about him. Okay, cool story Bro.

Meanwhile, Ji Yeon and Young-shik try to come up with a way to meet with Kim Jeong-do or to prove that their article about his scandal and affair is true. But in the end, they come up with nothing since Ji Yeon doesn’t want to go with Young-shik’s method of collecting his DNA. Haha.

When Ji Yeon walks back downstairs to reunite with the 3 employees, she gets notified that her mother has called. So Ji Yeon answers her mother’s phone call trying her best to end the conversation, but it doesn’t work. Her mother is actually at her office. HAHA. Mom talks to Ji Yeon about the things that Shaman Narsha told her such as if Ji Yeon puts away the bad luck that maybe she can actually find a man. While Ji Yeon and Mom are in a heavy discussion, the 3 employees and Young-shik listen in on their conversation (so nosy, geez).


Although Ji Yeon doesn’t believe in any of the things that Shaman Narsha had told her mother, her mother believes all of it and wishes for Ji Yeon to get married and have a baby since she’s not getting any younger. Mom threatens for Ji Yeon to go with her to Shaman Narsha or else she’ll go to Ji Yeon’s president and bawl in front of him that Ji Yeon will be the death of her. This eventually persuades Ji Yeon to go with her mother to Shaman Narsha.

Meanwhile, Dong-ha gets a call to go fix the light and electricity at Shaman Narsha’s place. Upon arriving, the lights begin to flicker creating an eerie and frightening atmosphere. Dong-ha enters the main room and suddenly feels someone’s arms wrapped around him, but it only turns out to be Narsha’s. (It’s even funnier because this is their first time meeting, but Narsha’s already hanging onto him and saying things like she was waiting for him. Lolol, too hilarious).


While Narsha shows Dong-ha where the fuse box is, his phone suddenly begins to ring. She asks that Dong-ha puts his cell phone away so he places it in a basket near the door then returns to doing his job. While fixing the box, he can’t help but feel a bit freaked out over the fact that Shaman Narsha is clinging onto his legs. Lol.


(I would so like to be her right now. Haha).

Dong-ha fixes the light, but stays to check up on the torn electric wires. Narsha returns to the main room where she is visited by Ji Yeon and her mother. Ji Yeon answers a phone call, but since phones are forbidden in the place, Ji Yeon has no choice but to place her phone down in the same basket that Dong-ha placed his. Meanwhile, Dong-ha witnesses all of this happening in the room that he was fixing the lights (what a creeeeeeep).

Mom and Ji Yeon sits down across from Shaman Narsha and instead of a warm greeting, Narsha grabs her stick and hits Ji Yeon then questions her way of living afterwards. Just like how she did to Ji Yeon’s Mom, Shaman Narsha spits at the both of them. Ji Yeon doesn’t understand what Shaman Narsha is doing and grows mad. What makes her even more mad though is when Ji Yeon is told that she’s going to get hit on the back in order for the bad luck in her life to disappear. Although she throws a fit at first, Ji Yeon eventually listens to her mother’s request (mainly because she feels bad since her mother’s suffering from cancer) and agrees to go through with getting hit on the back. While Narsha is hitting Ji Yeon, the sound of someone’s ringtone permeates throughout the whole room which causes Narsha to get extremely angry. But it turns out to be her cell phone. LOL. So she orders Ji Yeon’s Mom to continue hitting Ji Yeon while she goes to answer the call. Dong-ha, who is still in the hallway fixing the electrical wires, witnesses the beating and grows sympathetic at the horrible sight.


Mom points out how Ji Yeon has never gotten hit by her mother before but now is suffering from that because of Ji Yeon’s ex-boyfriend who ran away on the day of the wedding. If he just hadn’t ran away, Ji Yeon would still be with him right now, married and happy. That’s when we witness a heart-broken and weak Ji Yeon inside of a church reading the card her ex-boyfriend wrote to her on the day of their wedding.


While Mom continues to beat Ji Yeon on the back with the stick, Ji Yeon releases a few tears of anguish and pain. Poor Ji Yeon.

When Mom finishes with the beating, Ji Yeon expresses her wish to quickly leave. But since her mother is superstitious, she recommends that her daughter take one of the animal amulets resting at a table nearby. Ji Yeon, who is careless about all of this, randomly grabs a blue horse which we learn later on from Shaman Narsha that the blue horse amulet is the most vicious. Lol. Ji Yeon also grabs her cell phone and blue horse before leaving the place with her mother.

Dong-ha quickly finishes afterwards as well and leaves with his cell phone (or he thinks it’s his cell phone. Puahaha). He goes off to do another errand which this time includes taking multiple dogs on a walk in the park. While taking a stroll, he gets a phone call from Young-shik…wait, the Young-shik that works with Ji Yeon? Yes, that Young-shik. (Are you getting my memo here?). Dong-ha believes Young-shik must have gotten the wrong phone number, but then comes to realizing that he grabbed the wrong cell phone. He currently has Ji Yeon’s while Ji Yeon has his. Hahaha. It doesn’t help that their cell phones are both the same color and brand as well.

It’s getting dark by this time and Ji Yeon’s out wandering on the streets. She enters a convenience store to get herself an icy hot pack that she can place on her back to relieve herself from the beating she got earlier. She then enters a small restaurant and orders a bottle of soju as well as some spicy spicy chicken feet. Ji Yeon soon gets a call from Dong-ha and by this time is already drunk. She questions how he was able to contact her, but he breaks the news that they have each other’s phones. Because she’s not in her conscious state of mind, she hangs up on him not knowing what he’s talking about. Dong-ha, frustrated, then receives a call from the contact name ‘Traitor.’ Afraid it might be Ji Yeon’s ex-boyfriend, he immediately introduces himself by stating that he and Ji Yeon are not in any kind of relationship, but this so called ‘Traitor’ turns out to be Ji Yeon’s only friend, Na Rae. Wahhhh, why name her ‘Traitor’?! That’s so mean! Lol. Na Rae ends up telling Dong-ha where Ji Yeon might be located so that he can get his cell phone back.

When he arrives at the location Na Rae reveals to him, Ji Yeon is indeed there. He joins her, switches their cell phones, then gives an explanation afterwards as to how they got switched. Just when he’s about to leave, Ji Yeon calls out for another bottle of soju and because he’s worried that Ji Yeon might not be able to take care of herself, he stays behind and drinks the soju for Ji Yeon instead (#likeagentlemen).


While Ji Yeon and Dong-ha are busy spending time with each other, Na Rae is back at the restaurant worried for Dong-ha. She reveals to her husband that when Ji Yeon gets drunk, she has this really bad habit that she does. Na Rae also reveals that all of Ji Yeon’s past relationships all started when she was drunk. Hahaha. Bingo!

We learn from Na Rae that Ji Yeon, when drunk, lets her body and all of her mind go. She basically doesn’t care what she’s doing because she’s unaware of her habits and actions. Ji Yeon says weird andrandom things to Dong-ha while he safely watches after her and takes her back to her house.


Dong-ha follows Ji Yeon up to the very front of her apartment door and notices that she lives just right across from Soo-chul. Haha, I’m loving this! He excuses himself to leave, but she yells at him, “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!” Dong-ha, a bit nervous and confused, is pulled inside Ji Yeon’s apartment by Ji Yeon herself. It turns out that he has to drink another round with her, not soju but beer this time.

When Ji Yeon hands him his can of beer, it quickly overflows so both Ji Yeon and Dong-ha try to stop the liquid from spilling onto the floor. When that happens though, they notice just how close they are to each other and how close their lips are from meeting. (EEEEEEEEEKKK).


Dong-ha’s swallowing of his saliva interrupts the intimate moment followed by Ji Yeon licking his finger. Haha. Then that infamous ‘Kiss’ song (yeahhhh, you know which one I’m talking about. The one where ‘Kiisssssss’ is replayed multiple times. That perfect song for those sexy scenes).


Ji Yeon leans in closer towards Dong-ha and admits that the ‘lip service’ he gave her the other day was pretty good (I second that). Dong-ha can’t seem to resist Ji Yeon as well so they start a pretty heavy make-out session followed by a bed scene.


While they make love on Ji Yeon’s bed, she notices Dong-ha’s wallet that he pulled out of his pocket and his ID that reveals his age. She grows surprised at the fact that Dong-ha is 25 years old while she’s 39. She can’t seem to process this in her mind and even imagines a situation in which she receives a harsh punishment for engaging in sexual activities (I don’t know if that would be the right word to describe it, haha) with a minor.


So once Ji Yeon awakes from the nightmare, she pushes Dong-ha off of her and covers her oh so innocent body.

My Thoughts:

I was totally not expecting such a scene so early into the drama. This drama really is rushing everything isn’t it? Haha. Although I did not watch all of Taiwanese drama ‘My Queen’ (which this drama is a remake of), I do remember the scene where the female lead finds out Ethan Ruan’s real age and I’m not so sure it happened this quick into the drama. We already had a kiss scene then now there’s a bed scene and there’s only two episodes out so far. It’s a wild and crazy roller coaster ride, but I’m enjoying it (mostly for the part that Park Seo-joon is a really good kisser. It really helps!).

I think it’s more obvious in this episode that Ji Yeon is still clearly hurt and affected from the incident that occurred six years ago. But who wouldn’t be? Just imagine yourself excited and happy on the day of your wedding only to be notified that your soon to be husband has run away and disappeared. That’s something so horrifying it will take many years to recover from. Because of the hurt that she got from her ex-boyfriend leaving her six years ago, Ji Yeon had to built herself up from scratch all over again so it all makes sense as to why she acts so cold and harsh towards everyone and why she doesn’t open herself up to anyone. She’s afraid of that rejection and the idea that people are going to abandon her again so she just decides to remain harsh and cruel. Why act so kind and nice to people only to be betrayed by them in the end and then suffer from that? This incident has not only greatly affected Ji Yeon, but her mom as well. Even though six years has past, this bad memory still lingers in their mind. Hopefully, Dong-ha will be the person to put an end to all of this.

My absolute favorite scene in this episode would have to be when Na Rae, her husband, Ji Yeon, and Dong-ha were all rejoicing over past high school memories and were all laughing with one another. It was such a heart-warming and comfortable image I really hope that we get to see more of that in the future. To actually witness Ji Yeon genuinely laugh and be happy, even if it was just for a split second, is really relieving. She deserves to be happy, especially all that she went through with her ex-boyfriend leaving her on the day of their wedding. That scene definitely persuades me to continue watching this drama and reminds me once again of the reasons as to why I’m watching in the first place 🙂

I was checking out the second leads for this drama and although I do not know the actor for our second male lead who will be playing Ji Yeon’s ex-boyfriend in this drama, I have to say I am quite excited for our second female lead Jung Yeon-joo to enter the drama. I’ve seen her from a few dramas I’ve watched before and I really like this girl. I think she’s pretty (yes, I know. It’s shallow of me to be judging her based on her looks), but I’m hoping she has the acting skills and I’m pretty sure she does. I kind of think she and Dong-ha will look good and compatible together so instead of the widely popular ‘Second Male Lead Syndrome’, I think I might suffer from the ‘Second Female Lead Syndrome’ in that I will probably support Dong-ha and our second female lead more. But I’m just preparing myself for a bitter heart-break, because I know Dong-ha and Ji Yeon will be the end result for this drama.

Oh well. At least I know that I can count on the two for more steamy scenes. (;

5 responses to “A Witch’s Romance: Episode 2 Recap”

  1. Omona! Sexy scenes already? Nope, not complaining. Thanks, babe, for the recap. And PSJ’s kisses. . . . . rawrrrr. . I love Narsha’s clinging too much. She’s Hilarious! I’m loving this drama. Loads. . . .

  2. Thanks for the recap marymekpop! Not sure if dramabeans will recap this so I’m happy you’re recapping it. I totally appreciate all your hard work!

    And yes, totally agree that this drama is soooooooo HOT! I hope this drama gets good ratings.

    I wrote a preview but only because I was just so excited after watching the first few episodes. (I”m usually too lazy to write)


    Never underestimate the hotness of a young guy with a great bod and fantastic kissing technique. Rawwwr!

    • It’s a pleasure recapping this drama! I’m enjoying it myself so it’s lots of fun recapping the drama. I’m pretty sure Dramabeans is recapping this drama (which makes me kind of sad in all honesty because more people are gonna refer and resort to their recaps than they will for mines, but it’s okay. haha) so you guys will get two different sites that are recapping this project which is always good. It just goes to show that this drama is receiving lots of love and don’t we all want a place to come together to spazz about ‘A Witch’s Romance’? 🙂

      I read your preview post and I agree with everything you mentioned! I love Ji Yeon and Dong-ha. They each have their own mottos and beliefs in life that they live by (aka they aren’t the weak, vulnerable characters like usual dramas) so it’s refreshing to see such strong characters. I love that about this drama!

      And YES! Those steamy scenes! I’m surprised there’s already so much going on between our two leads but I’m not complaining. I have said this so many times and I will say it again: Park Seo-joon is such a good kisser it’s such a relief. Lol.

      Thanks for commenting! It really means a lot to me. Thanks again 🙂

      • Hi again, marymekpop! You’re right. I think Dramabeans is recapping the series. I thought it was a one-off, but maybe their recapper had fun with it. 🙂 I guess we’re not the only ones.

        But don’t worry! I’m totally going to be reading your recaps too. When you’ve only got two episodes per week, there’s a lot of days in between for waiting. I get so excited I even read most of the comments in forums.

        BTW, I edited my own post in my site and posted a link to your website. Not that I am overflowing with visitors, but I think you and I are both happy with every person who is able to read our posts and share our love for dramas? 🙂

        P.S. Totally agree with you that Dong-Ha’s expressions are just spot on. I love them! He’s so firmly entrenched in his character that he’s so believable. So happy with the casting. And can’t wait for this week’s episodes.

        Take care!

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