Happy 100th Post! :D #happyonehundredpostswithk-popcorn


I can’t believe that this post I am currently writing and you are currently reading will already be my 100th post on this blog. Over the course of the past four months, this blog has really brought so much joy and happiness into my life. In the past, I could have only dreamed about opening up a blog and all the possibilities that would come with it, but now that I actually have one and is updating it from time to time to provide for my amazing readers, it’s just an amazing feeling.


I recall my conversation with my aunt in the past and how she actually recommended that I try opening up a blog. As she has experience herself because she owns her own blog, she suggested that I create my own blog to help me with my stress and feelings of suffocation. Of course, that was two years ago so I didn’t really take her opinion into consideration…until four months ago where I was feeling way too stressed out to the point where I needed a place to vent and express my feelings and that was how K-Popcorn came about. Haha. Blame Team B of WIN:Who Is Next.


Although there are times where it’s stressful because I’m always constantly worried about what to post so that I can keep this blog updated and going or debating as to whether I should go to sleep or stay up to late to finish recaps for you guys, just knowing that there are visitors who visit my blog makes me so happy and overwhelmed with joy. I did not think that my blog would get this much love; I actually would have used it as my online diary or journal if I wasn’t going to get much visitors, but now that the amount of visitors and views are increasing, the thought that I have to provide for you guys is always roaming in the back of my head, but that’s absolutely fine with me. This blog is for you guys, whether you want recaps for a certain drama or movie (and it doesn’t matter whether it’s historical or modern, whether it’s airing this year or did air five years back, etc.), my thoughts and opinions on songs / K-Pop, a discussion on Korean dramas or K-Pop. Whatever it is, I’ll be more than happy to provide for you guys. I just hope that my 10 years of love for Korean Entertainment will be enough for a mature and satisfying discussion. Haha.


I know that my blog isn’t the best, it isn’t always updated from time to time like other blogs or websites, and most definitely is very slow with recaps and reviews, but I’m still learning. I’m only a high school student (yes, I know – surprising), so I still have a long way to go in terms of writing for recaps or reviews for dramas / movies or K-Pop. I still have to learn how to manage my time better so that I can update this blog and manage my life outside of this blog wisely. It’s only been 4 months since I’ve opened this blog so I hope you guys remain patient with me and I’ll do the same for you guys~


All in all, I just want to thank everyone who visits my blog from time to time. I know that it can be very disappointing when you visit my blog hoping for an update or that recap to that drama and don’t get one, but I’m working on it as best as I can. At the end of the day, I’m just a young girl trying to find the balance between K-Popcorn and making sure she graduates from high school successfully. I want to thank everyone who’s been patient with me and has stayed with me. To all you brave commenters, thank you so much for the comments! But there’s nothing wrong with silent reading either. That’s totally cool too!


I don’t know if any of you guys are aware of this, but I also have a Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/kpoplove05. In my most recent video which was my cover of 2NE1’s ‘Happy’, I spoke about how if I got 100 subscribers, I would do a full cover of one of my most popular videos up to date and because I was successful in getting 100 subscribers, you guys should expect a new cover from me soon! I love singing and so what’s a better way to demonstrate my passion for singing than uploading covers on Youtube?! Haha. I hope you guys will give me just as much support and love on Youtube as well.


Anyways, this post is getting longer than I expected. Sorry, I’m an emotional person and I just have a lot to say. But I have already posted a hundred times since this blog’s opened and I hope I continue to post many more times for you guys. Thank you guys so much. K-Popcorn Hwaiting! 😀



One response to “Happy 100th Post! :D #happyonehundredpostswithk-popcorn”

  1. Congrats! I first came across you’re website when I was looking for reactions to Witch’s Romance. I enjoy your posts, thanks for blogging!

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