An Awkward Comeback Update…

Hey everybody!

I hope you guys have been doing well…because well, I haven’t.

I obviously haven’t been updating since the end of last month (I can’t believe it’s almost been a month since I’ve last updated. I’m so sorry!) because of school (it’s getting closer to graduation! YIKES!). I just wanted to tell you guys through this post that I will be going on a hiatus [as if you guys didn’t already know that] and this hiatus will go on until I get out of school which isn’t until June. So yes, a two month hiatus from me, but please don’t forget about me!

As for Korean drama updates, I’ve decided that I will not be recapping ‘A Witch’s Romance’ anymore. I actually haven’t been able to watch any Korean dramas the past month because of school, so the last episode I’ve watched of ‘A Witch’s Romance’ was episode two. I haven’t even watched ‘Doctor Stranger’ either which I really look forward to and I know that some of you guys have been asking for a recap of ‘Hot Blood Youth’, but it’s going to be some time until I start on that recap. I also assumed that since Dramabeans was recapping ‘A Witch’s Romance’ that most of you guys can just visit their awesome website and spazz about the drama over there! 😀

Once again, I will be on a hiatus until mid-June. I know that some of you guys are probably very mad at me for not updating anything since the end of April and it’s my fault for not telling you guys. You guys can be mad at me, I will understand. I’m sorry.

But I have to go back to studying now, so take care everyone and be safe (:

and happy~

I am updating regularly on my Instagram account though so if you have an account and would like to see what I’ve been doing lately, you can follow me on my Instagram account: @ mmouaaa.

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