What Mary Thinks: B2ST – ‘Good Luck’ MV

So after a few weeks of teasing, the MV to my ultimate K-Pop group in all of K-Pop, B2ST / BEAST, was finally, finally released! Their title track is titled ‘Good Luck’ and features BEAST’s most difficult choreography so far.

As last year’s comeback with ‘Shadow’ was quite a disappointment for me, I didn’t have high expectations for their comeback this year (I know I’m a bad B2UTY) so when I finished watching ‘Good Luck’, I was really satisfied. Not just because they surpassed my expectations, but because ‘Good Luck’ is actually a really good song. It’s upbeat, catchy, and addicting. It’s my cup of tea. I personally love the beginning where Yoseob starts belting out his beautiful voice (I cannot get enough of his voice seriously). I LOVE IT I LOVE IT.

I think one of the reasons as to why I really loved this comeback is because of the choreography. B2ST’s choreography for their past 2 comebacks haven’t been the most impressive or hardest and that’s something that I actually missed from these boys because I found the difficult choreography for their other songs like ‘Shock’ and ‘Breath’ to be more impressive, so to see them jumping around and moving around a lot really makes me happy. It brings back memories and nostalgia.

Another thing that I was quite surprised but really liked about ‘Good Luck’ are the line distributions. I’m happy that Hyunseung is singing the chorus again – I really missed that. Uri Maknae Dongwoon especially got more lines in this song which I’m super happy about because he has been living in the shadows of the other vocalists in the group for who know how many centuries now I’m glad to be hearing more of his beautiful voice in the song. I am surprised that Ki Kwang was not given that many lines to sing considering that he always has the most lines after Yoseob. But it’s nice to see a change. I’m also glad that during the short dance break, Yoseob received the chance to be the center of attention because usually it’s never him. Considering that he’s not the strongest dancer in the group and he himself knows that he’s not a great dancer, it’s really great to see him in the middle for the choreography. I was also really surprised with the bed scene. Uri Maknae Dongwoon is growing up too quick. Hehe. Not only does he have more lines in the song, but he also is sleeping on the bed with a lady. Not that I have a problem with that, but I did think it was kind of awkward watching him sing his parts while the girl was all up on his face. Like damn girl, I wanna see his face, stop blocking him! Hahaha.

I’m definitely impressed by ‘Good Luck.’ It’s gonna be my jam for the next couple of weeks I already know it. I just have to listen to the rest of the album (which sounded good when I listened to the audio teaser medley) so hopefully it’ll also impress. I love love love ‘No More’ (B2ST always exceeds expectations when it comes to ballads) and ‘Good Luck’ is catchy so I hope I’ll enjoy the rest of the album.

To B2UTIES, B2STIES, and K-Pop fans, what did you think about B2ST’s comeback? Is it better than ‘Shadow’? Worse? You like it? Dislike it? Share your thoughts!

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