What Mary Thinks: WINNER’s teaser movies + Team B’s Bobby and B.I. on ‘Show Me the Money 3’

This morning I got the chance to watch all three teaser movies of WINNER in light of their comeback that is slowlllyyy approaching. After watching the teasers, I have to say that I was quite interested and fascinated by what I saw, but also quite scared, especially after watching Taehyun’s teaser. Lol. Nonetheless, I love what WINNER is putting out so far and how YG is promoting their debut. I have high expectations for WINNER’s debut, but I’m confident in that they’ll be successful and will pull it off well. I’ve been familiar with them ever since August of last year when I put myself in the excruciating pain of watching YG’s survival program ‘WIN: Who Is Next’ and having to accept that WINNER (who were known as Team A in WIN) won and my Team B lost. I do admit I kind of loathed WINNER because I was such a huge fan of Team B, but after watching WINNER TV, I came to getting to know the boys A LOT better and eventually transformed into a fan. I liked the songs that they put out in ‘WIN’ (especially ‘Smile Again’) and based on what I heard in ‘WINNER TV’ when the members were showing their self-composed tracks to YG, I think their debut album is going to sound pretty amazing. Overall, I’m just glad that WINNER is finally making their debut, because I really miss them (and plus that can only mean one thing – more reality shows! YAY!).

Moving on to my Team B who I am still waiting for and supporting to this day, their two rappers Bobby and B.I., appeared on program ‘Show Me the Money 3’ which aired its first episode today. Luckily, MNET made a video showing the cuts of just Bobby and B.I.’s audition (because they know that’s what us fans want) which I happily watched. I really really really miss Team B so seeing Bobby and B.I. again after like nine months made me a bit emotional inside honestly, haha. Seeing their beautiful faces again made me take a trip down memory lane, haha. Although B.I. did mess up at his auditions, I understand that he was really nervous, especially since he was rapping in front of one of the best rappers that he has a lot of respect and admiration for so I understand that he had the nerves and was just caught up in the moment. The way he picked himself back up though and freestyled in front of everyone while walking out onto the stage made me super proud of him and proves why he’s not only the leader of Team B, but why he’s one of the most memorable trainees in YG. Moving on with Bobby, Bobby blew my mind away the very first time I heard and saw him rap in ‘WIN’ and he doesn’t fail to impress me once again this time with his audition. He had the honor of rapping in front of the lovely San E and did a wonderful job. He was fierce and came on strong I really enjoyed his rap. I know that going on the show has been causing some concern for some ‘Show Me the Money’ contestants themselves and fans because Bobby and B.I. are YG trainees and already have an established fan base so it might seem like they are at an advantage, but all of this doesn’t take away the fact that they are great rappers with lots of room for improvement. I’m actually glad that they’re on this show, because it’ll give them the opportunity to learn and improve on their rapping. I can only hope that they’ll make it to the very end and if possible, even win the show. Whatever their chances are, I’m super proud of the boys for at least having the courage to go out there and do what they love and are passionate about~

Credits: WINNER @ youtube, MNET @ youtube

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