Updates from Mary + a few days hiatus?!

Hello everybody~ It’s Mary here! I have both good and bad news to deliver to you guys. I guess we can go with the good news.


So after receiving some feedback from amazing visitors, I’ve come to the decision that I’m going to recap ‘Marriage, Not Dating.’ I do enjoy the drama (so far), so I might as well recap the drama since I like it and because some are requesting for recaps. Hopefully I don’t get tired of the drama, because if that happens then I might not want to recap the drama any longer.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that depending on whether or not my mom takes away the internet, I might not update. Sometimes my mom comes home from work very angry and exhausted, so she likes to take her anger out on me and my siblings even though we didn’t do anything wrong and her method of unleashing her anger out on her kids is taking the internet away. Soooo I might not be updating on Saturday and Sunday IF she does take the internet away. If she doesn’t, then you can expect ‘Marriage, Not Dating’ recaps from me pretty soon, but if you don’t see any recaps, then that means that my evil mom has taken the internet away which will result in like a 2-day hiatus.

But no worries! My mom will eventually crave watching her Chinese dramas and connect the internet again to catch up on her dramas. Hehe. So my hiatus won’t be long if there is one.

This post might be kind of useless, but I just wanted to notify you guys just in case beforehand so you guys know what happen when I don’t post the next few days (it’s not like I post a lot anyways but you get what I mean). Anyways, I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s been visiting this blog and commenting! IT MEANS A LOT TO ME. Even if I don’t reply back to your comment (because I’m busy or lazy), I have read it so don’t be sad if I don’t reply back. Lol.


To end this post, I just want to say that I love you all~

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